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What is Papaly? What is a Papaly board?

Papaly is a tool for saving and organizing links ("bookmarks").

Bookmarks are organized into collections called Boards. You can have any number of boards. Each bookmark belongs to a category within the board.

A Papaly board can either be public or private. If it's private, the board can be seen by its creator, co-owners, and anyone you share the private link with. If it's public, it can be accessed via a URL and is visible to anyone.

Why use Papaly?

Papaly allows you to...
  1. Quickly find your bookmarks in a beautiful 2-D layout
  2. Securely save your bookmarks online and keep them in-sync across devices
  3. Easily share a collection of bookmarks with someone by sending them a link to a public Papaly board

Customize appearance

Themes and Backgrounds

Select from a variety of themes and background images to customize the look of Papaly to your liking.

To select a theme or background image:

  1. Click on your profile name and select "Themes & Backgrounds"
  2. Select your favorite theme or background image

Style settings

You can further customize the look of Papaly by going to your "Account Settings".

  1. On your account settings under the "Appearance" tab, select your preferred style settings.

Import bookmarks

You can import bookmarks into Papaly from your browser or other bookmarking tools.

Select Import Bookmarks from the dropdown menu in the top-right of your home page. You can upload an HTML bookmark file, or view instructions on how to export a bookmark file from various services. Boards and categories will be automatically created based on your bookmark file.

You can also import bookmarks to an empty board by clicking the blue "Import bookmarks" button.

If you are using the Papaly Chrome Extension, you can import from Chrome directly without having to upload a bookmark file.

Export/backup bookmarks

You can export bookmarks from Papaly as an html file.

Select "Account Settings" from the dropdown menu in the top-right of your home page.

Under "Preferences", you will find the option to "Export as HTML File"

Create a new board

Click the "+" button above your list of Boards on the left side of the screen -> Name your new board and press ENTER.

You now have an empty board. To add a bookmark to it, you must first create a Category (by clicking the Create Category button). Then you can add a bookmark to that category by clicking the "+" icon next to the category title.

Create a new category

Click the "Create Category" button in the top-left corner of a board. Press ENTER key or click "OK"

Batch edit links & categories

With batch edit, you can move or delete multiple links and categories at once.

Click on the "board settings" icon near the top of the board. Select multiple links or categories to activate the "Batch Move/Delete" buttons.

You can also drag multiple links, and move them to other categories, or delete them by dragging them to the top of the page.

Edit board or account settings

Each board has settings that can be accessed by clicking the "Edit Board" button.

You can access Account Settings via the dropdown menu in the top-right of the page.

demo profile

Change the privacy of a board

Click the board settings icon towards the top of a board. There is a switch that controls the privacy of that board.

If Private is set to Yes, your board is private (hidden). If it is set to No, your board is public.

Sharing a public board with others

If the board is set to public, it will be visible on your profile page, and other people will be able to view the contents of the board.

To share a public board, click on the "share" icon to bring up the share window, and find a public link to this board.

You can also share the URL by sending it to someone's email, or to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Sharing a private board with others

If the board is set to private, you can generate a private URL and it will only be accessible to you and the people you share the link with. Begin by clicking on the "Co-Owner" button.

Click on the "Generate new private URL" button to create a private URL.

If you created a private URL, you can remove access to the link by clicking "Remove Link Access". People with the private URL will no longer be able see the board contents.

Adding Co-Owners to boards

You can collaborate with other people on the same board by adding them as Co-Owners. You can add Co-Owners to public or private boards by clicking on the "Co-Owner" button.

Enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite and click "Invite".

Co-Owners will be able to add, modify, and delete links on the board.

User profile & username

You can visit your profile page by selecting "View Profile" from the Account Dropdown in the top-right corner of the page. demo profile Your username can be set in "Account Settings". The URL to your profile page is demo username

Reset password

To reset your password, first select "Forgot password?" from the Login page. On the subsequent prompt, fill in your email address and click "Send me instructions". You will receive an email with further instructions. Following the link will take you to another form where you may choose your new password. If your password was automatically generated, it may be found in your registration email.

Edit/Remove a category

To edit a category, hover over the category and click on the "more options" icon, then click on "Edit Category.

The easiest way to delete a category is to drag it to the top of the page, and drop it on the red trash bin.

Edit/Remove a board

To edit a board, click on the "board settings" icon near the top of the board.

To edit the title, click in the pencil icon, and press ENTER when done.

To delete the board, click on "Delete".

Edit/Remove a shortcut

To edit a shortcut's title or icon, navigate to the Speed Dial page, and click on the pencil icon.

To delete a shortcut, drag it to the top of page and drop it on the red trash bin section.

How to manually update the Chrome extension?

By default, Chrome automatically updates every extension you install periodically. However, you can also manually update them:
  1. Visit chrome://extensions/ page demo image
  2. Click the Developer Mode button at the top-right demo image
  3. A few additional options will appear below. Click the Update Extensions Now button to force an update. demo image
  4. All done. You can also double-check the version-number of the extension. demo image

Save all open tabs to a category, or open all links in a category

If you are using the Papaly Chrome Browser extension, you can use the "Save Open Tabs" button to quickly save multiple pages to Papaly. It will create a new category on your current board and save all of the pages you have open in that window.

To open all of the links within a category at once, click the "..." More Options button that appears when you mouse over a category. Then select "Open all links".

Disable Papaly New Tab in Extension

The Papaly Chrome extension allows you to use Papaly as your "New Tab" page for quick access to bookmarks. To disable this feature, right-click the Extension button and choose options, then change the option in the dropdown menu.

If you are using a different extension for your Chrome Newtab, you might have to disable and re-enable it from the Chrome Extensions page.

Refresh/sync the content in Extension

Papaly auto sync contents accross browsers and devices. If you like to sync/refresh manually, like after you added/deleted links from the web and want to see the extention immediately reflect that change, you can simply click the "refresh button": If the left panel is folded, you can find it here:

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