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Use Papaly for:

New Tab Page

Access your favorite bookmarks in an instant and customize your new tab experience using one of our themes and background images.


Supplement your course material and increase student performance by creating boards with links to helpful articles, videos, and other resources.


Accelerate employee on-boarding by adding links to internal wikis, or keep your team up-to-date with links to courses or industry related articles.

All Around Web Surfing

Have fun and create boards with links to your favorite local restaurants, or links to the funniest videos and share it with your friends and family.

Import & manage your bookmarks in a simple 2D layout. Export whenever you want.


Get quick access to all the links you've liked & shared on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, & more.

Discover new content and boards created by others, or easily share your own.


Get Papaly for iOS, Chrome, and Firefox.

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