52 Must Have Websites for the 21st Century Teacher

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Flip Your Classroom


Check out these wonderful sites to flip your classroom!

  1. Blendspace - Create lessons with digital content in 5 minutes

Animation Tools


Here are some fun tools to help students show what they've learned through animation.

  1. Zimmer Twins-Simple animation software
  2. Wideo - Make animated online videos free
  3. GoAnimate.com-Easily make an animated video
  4. Voki.com-Make a talking avatar

Whiteboard Tools


Just like Kahn Academy, students can show what they know using online whiteboards.

  1. Educreations-Create classes and whiteboard lessons
  2. stoodle.ck12.org-Easy to use with no sign up
  3. awwapp.com-Simple and no sign up
  4. PixiClip-A whiteboard with tons of fun tools

Explainer Video Sites


With these tools students can have fun explaining what they know.

  1. Explee-Create your own animated video
  2. Moovly-Create Animated Videos and Presentations

Tools for Creating and Editing Videos


These are great tools for students to create and edit videos to show what they've learned.

  1. Biteable-Make Animation Online
  2. Animoto - Make a 30 second video in minutes
  3. Stupeflix-Make videos online with photos, clips, music -
  4. Screencast-o-matic.com-Easily create screencasts
  5. Wevideo.com-Free online video editor and creator

Mindmapping Tools


Here are some tools that will enable students to brainstorm and create mind maps for presentations.

  1. Mindmup.com-Make mindmaps and save in Google drive
  2. bubbl.us - Free web application for brainstorming online
  3. popplet.com-Develop mindmaps with images, drawings, and videos

Learning Management Systems That Work


These LMS's are awesome! They allow teachers to upload videos, slide show lectures, handouts, and create quizzes.

  1. Edoome
  2. Schoology
  3. Edmodo
  4. NEO

Polling Tools


Here are some tools that will enable you to easily poll your students and create more interactive lectures.

  1. Flisti - Free Online Polls
  2. Plickers-Use this when your students don't have computers
  3. Poll Everywhere-Students can use cell phone like clickers
  4. ParticiPoll-Free audience polling for PowerPoint

See What Students Know When They Watch a Video


These sites will enable you to insert questions into a video so you can see what your students comprehended while viewing it.

  1. TED: Ideas Worth Spreading
  2. Zaption - Interact & Learn with Video Lessons
  3. blubbr - Play & create video trivia games

Quiz Tools


Here are some sites that will enable you to create quizzes and grade them easily.

  1. QuizSocket beta
  2. Formative
  3. socrative.com

Tools to Give Students a Voice


These are tools that will allow even the quietest student to provide input in the classroom.

  1. The Answer Pad V2
  2. TodaysMeet
  3. answergarden.ch
  4. Padlet.com
  5. lino - Sticky and Photo Sharing for you

Presentation Tools


These digital tools will allow you and your students to create a variety of presentations. No more boring PowerPoint lectures!

  1. MyStorybook.com | Make Kids' Books Online For Free!
  2. Smore.com
  3. Canva.com
  4. Emaze
  5. PowToon
  6. Haiku Deck
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