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Collection of Biofield Energy Researches by the expertise in Biofield & Material Science. To know more please go through with the link.

  1. The Trivedi Effect® Impact on Human Anatomy and Physiology
  2. The Trivedi Effect Profile and Publications List
  3. The Trivedi Effect Public Profile on
  4. The Trivedi Effect Publications List | MyScienceWork
  5. The Astonishing Power of The Trivedi Effect®
  6. The Trivedi Effect® : Path to a Deeper Health |

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi


Mahendra Kumar Trivedi is the creator of the Trivedi Effect. Connect with him to know more!

  1. Mahendra Trivedi – SERC
  2. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi Public Profile | Insight Medical Publishing
  3. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi – MedChemNet
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  5. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi's Biofield Researches at
  6. Kudos – helping increase the reach and impact of research

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