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Apps & Extensions & Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Shortcuts for Google
  2. Panel View for Keep - Chrome Web Store
  3. GNotes Extension - Chrome Web Store

    This doesn't add notes anymore

  4. Irregardless - Chrome Web Store
  5. Panel View for Keep - Chrome Web Store

    enable panels in Chrome://flags and then select "send to panel" at the bottom of the sidebar on Goog

  6. Category Tabs for Google Keep™ - Chrome Web Store

    Couldn't figure out how to access this

Text Expander / Auto Hotkey

  1. Leave Review - Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome™
  2. Auto Text Expander - Extension


  1. Nimbus Web Inc | Nimbus Screenshot App for Google Chrome
  2. Character Count
  3. Papaly | FAQs
  4. Character Count Tool
  5. Gmail Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail
  6. Chromebook Help - The Chrome browser

Games & Guides

  1. Games - Chrome Web Store
  2. Papa Pear Extension
  3. Papa Pear Saga on Facebook | Facebook
  4. AngryBirdsNest
  5. angry birds - YouTube
  6. Papa Pear on

Phone & Apps

  1. Kids & Educational Apps
  2. Izzy's Phone on AppBrain
  3. Google Play
  4. Googlemaps Waypoint Extension
  5. AppBrain - My apps
  6. AutomateIt-Automate Your Droid - Android Apps on Google Play
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