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Apps & Extensions & Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Compress PDF – Reduce your PDF Online for Free
  2. Toby for Chrome - Chrome Web Store
  3. Chromebook Keyboard shortcuts
  4. Gmail Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail
  5. Tabs Outliner
  6. Tabs Outliner Overview

Note Extensions

  1. Post It All - Another sticky note jquery plugin for the web
  2. Post It All - Another sticky note chrome extension for the web


  1. Discards - Chrome Memory
  2. Index of /var/log/
  3. Web Storage Support Test
  4. App Launcher for Google™
  5. Log Analyzer
  6. Chrome | Google Blog

Phone & Apps

  1. Used Samsung galaxy s7 like new with case used on att has google account lock on it nee...
  2. Use camera online
  3. AT&T Messages
  4. Kids & Educational Apps
  5. Izzy's Phone on AppBrain
  6. Google Play

Interesting Links about Computer Time

  1. URL patterns
  2. Time & Date Code Documentation
  3. Leap second
  4. VBScript FormatDateTime Function
  5. Date & Time Formats on the Web
  6. Unix time

Household & Will

  1. Tape Measuring Tool: 16 Steps (with Pictures)
  2. Checklist: Fall Cleaning

Games & Guides

  1. Games - Chrome Web Store
  2. Papa Pear Extension
  3. Papa Pear Saga on Facebook | Facebook
  4. AngryBirdsNest
  5. angry birds - YouTube
  6. Papa Pear on
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