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Brain Workouts


Pinned from Personal Growth

  1. sleepyti.me

    Bedtime calculator helps you wake up refreshed by finding the best time to go to sleep

  2. Brain Games & Brain Training - Lumosity

    Using a daily schedule of games, Lumosity is literally designed to make you more clever.

  3. Mind Tools: Management Training and Leadership Training

    Mindtools is a blog that teaches you what they call “practical career skills”.

  4. Anki - powerful, intelligent flashcards

    With flashcards, you can recall things faster, making Anki an ideal resource for using flashcards.

  5. Pinfruit - Memorize Numbers

    Pinfruit analyzes the number and provides all of the options you could want as a mnemonic device.

  6. CliffsNotes Study Guides | Book Summaries, Test Preparation & Homework Help | Written b...

    Cliffsnotes provides valuable resources like study guides and test prep for standard books.

DS Online Tutoring Profiles

  1. Kiddom | Teacher Classes
  2. DaDaABC
  3. Skooli Tutors Online
  4. Tutorz Profile
  5. EduWizardS

Test Prep and Tutoring

  1. Diana Smith, M.S.,Ed
  2. (860) 858-1736 - Google Search

    Google Voice Number-LIsting of Test Prep with this number in GoogleResults!!

  3. Test Prep and Tutoring-WP Admin
  4. Wordpress Website
  5. Test Prep and Tutoring
  6. Google My Business

Teaching Strategies-How To-Activities

  1. 4 Key Reasons Why You Need a Word List Today
  2. How to Teach ESL Reading
  3. Teach ESL Course Online


  1. Test Prep Older page
  2. Test of English as a Foreign Language - TOEFL
  3. K-6 Online ESL Teacher job in Beijing, China
  4. The ESL Directory Features US Colleges with ESL Programs

    Test Prep and Tutoring is pending approval to get listed

  5. 30 FREE online resources for teaching and learning ESL - Matador Network

    Low level-young ESL songs and lesson plans

  6. ESL Links and Resources | ESLDirectory

Summer 2018 Lessons, K-4


I will be holding 1-1 and small group reading intervention/support for K-4 students. So far [June 6, 2018] I have MAYBE 3 students???

  1. Interested in Reading Classes this Summer ?

Test Prep and Tutoring Profiles-Reviews

  1. Delicious -Options4life
  2. Diana Smith - Google+
  3. Disqus Profile - options1
  4. LinkedIn Profile
  5. Manta.com
  6. Stumbled Upon

Idioms: Black Sheep of the Family Project


YouTube Video-Test Prep and Tutoring | Idioms: The Black Sheep of the Family Google Feedback Form The Entire Lesson Plan on Idioms : Blac

  1. Customer Feedback
  2. Idioms' Black Sheep of the Family Lesson Plan on TestPrep Site

    Black Sheep-Full PP Lesson Plan for ESL English-Google Feedback Form at end.

  3. YouTube Video on ESL Lesson-Idioms-Black Sheep of the Family

    YouTube Video With Webcast Screen-ESL English Lesson

Teachable Courses-Microsoft Ed

  1. Technology planning resources | Microsoft Education

Tools for Teaching ESL Online


Online tools used when teaching English to ESl STUDENTS IN CHINA

  1. New bookmark
  2. TutorABC Consultant System
  3. Dictionary.com - The world's favorite online dictionary!
  4. Sentence Examples
  5. How many syllables in vocabulary?
  6. Grammarly-App on Chrome

Topics -Focus Area-Lesson Plans

  1. ESL English Lesson-Basic Interview Questions
  2. English lessons and exercises
  3. Lesson Plan About Accidents
  4. ESL Vocabulary Activities
  5. 7 ESL Modifications for Lesson Plans That’ll Make Learning Easier | FluentU English Edu...
  6. English lessons and exercises
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