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Getting Started

  1. Chronic Illness and Gaslighting

    Thoughts on how the concept of gaslighting plays into the spoonie experience

  2. When Doctors Don’t Know What’s Wrong

    A comprehensive article on how doctors think, with advice on getting your doctor on your side.

  3. 9 Tips for Sharing Information with Your Physician

    Fantastic advice from patient activists!

  4. The Spoon Theory

    The original spoon theory story

  5. The Pillow Fort

    A blog, shop, and Facebook group devoted to making chronic illness suck less through positivity

  6. ChronicBabe

    Fantastic advice for thriving despite chronic illness!


  1. Daily Living Aids Wish List

    Some ridiculously cool spoonie tools here!

  2. PatientsLikeMe

    Track your symptoms & conditions and connect with similar patients

  3. Medscape

    Provider-oriented and info-rich. Google "Medscape [topic]" to get past paywall.

  4. Ask a Patient

    The Yelp of medications


  1. Pain Palz

    A social network for people with disabilities

  2. The Pillow Fighters Club

    A positivity-only Facebook community

  3. Spoonie Reads

    A laid back book club just for spoonies

  4. Chronic Pain Anonymous

    Similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, but for chronic pain and illness!

  5. Care to the People

    A spoonie community across all major social media platforms


  1. 21 Solid Tips for Depression
  2. Small Ways to Ask for Help
  3. Dealing with Fatphobic Doctors
  4. Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability

    A really important TED talk about relationships and vulnerability.

  5. 7 Cups of Tea

    Free therapy via online chat

  6. BlahTherapy

    Free and paid therapy via online chat

Specialized Resources

  1. Hobbies Masterpost

    A list of cool hobbies to pick up, with links to resources

  2. Spoonie Work From Home Master Post

    A list of ways to make money from home

  3. Spoons and Stripes

    A blog on spoonie fitness, with a focus on hypermobility issues

  4. No More Ramen

    Easy and inexpensive cooking

  5. The Celiac Saga

    A community for teens recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease

  6. Disability and Sexuality Resources

    An exhaustive list of links to useful articles

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