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Roofing & Maintenance


Innovative roofing projects and exploring the latest roofing products, new technologies and design innovations.

  1. Sika Sarnafil branches out with unique garden room project
  2. Kemper System helps protect concrete heritage
  3. Kemper System provides solution for Chester Zoo's Monsoon Forest
  4. Top Tips for Safe Spring Maintenance
  5. Liquid Waterproofing: Key differences between wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry applications
  6. HSE inspection campaign to focus on work at height

Sustainable Building


A conscious approach to energy & ecological conservation in the design of the built environment.

  1. Top of the class: The smarty pants office building
  2. Can we now breathe in deeply and celebrate air quality?
  3. 25 year plan to tackle environmental issues
  4. The solar revolution: 3 everyday items you didn’t realise were solar powered
  5. Green light for residential-led regeneration scheme at Icknield Port Loop, Birmingham
  6. Are we driving towards an electric future for heating?
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