Web development (coding)

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use these sites to get inspiration

  1. GearAward | Code-driven art
  2. Clock Digital: Website Design and Development Agency
  3. Inspiration | Bashooka


  4. Site Bureau

    Web design inspiration, templates and resources.

tutorial sites


sites to learn all sorts

  1. Why I Choose Stylus (And You Should Too)
  2. How To Make Your First Website | Level Up Tutorials
  3. Youtube channels for web developers : learnprogramming
  4. CodePen - Front End Developer Playground & Code Editor in the Browser
  5. CSS-Tricks

    CSS knowledge, tips and tricks. other wed developer news/items also feature sometimes

  6. Laracasts

    A tutorial site, originally for PHP but now teaching all sorts. good stuff

Freelance sites

  1. How Much Does a Website Cost

    Great tool for guageing how to price your personal projects, relative to your skill and exp

  2. Upwork

    the world's largest online workplace

Resources (Javascript Plugins)

  1. Simple AJAX using HTML attributes

    You'll come to love this one day

  2. Anime.js

    Animation plugin for Javascript. nice and clean, polyvalent JavaScript Animation Engine

coders (IDEs and code editors)

  1. Atom editor packages

    the main page for atom extensions, use it to explore additional atom features

  2. iTerm2 - Mac OS Terminal Replacement

    You'll need to use terminal commands eventually, use this/ the generic mac terminal when you need to

Resources (Images)


    Web Design Resources Links - a lot of good stock

  2. Free | Refe

    Free high quality stock

  3. Free stock photos · Pexels
  4. SplitShire

    Royalty Free Photos & Images for Commercial Use

  5. Life Of Pix

    Free Stock Photos & Images - Photography

  6. ISO Republic

    Free and premium stock photos

visit daily


a list of sites to check out regularly for developer news, plugins, freebies and more!

  1. creativebloq.com

    a wide selections of good reads, tools and utilities

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