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Online Marketing Trainings

  1. Manuales de Marketing Digital
  2. Curso de Marketing Digital B谩sico
  3. YouTube Creator Academy
  4. Online Digital Marketing Challenge

DBA in Business

  1. Aston Business School (UK Online)

    Programa de 4 a帽os. Total de 1mill贸n (12,600 libras) anuales. 28mil mensuales. Muy te贸rico

  2. Doctor of Business Administration | Online DBA Program | Walden University
  3. Online DBA Programs
  4. 10 Most Affordable DBA Programs
  5. Online DBA USC

    Not AASCB, 100% online, 4 a帽os, $395 x 60 creditos = $23,700 USD

  6. Online Ph.D. in Business Psychology, Consulting Track

    61 credits * 1310 = 79,910

Psychology and Masters

  1. Master of Science in Applied Psychology Online
  2. Kaplan University | MS in Psychology - Applied Behavioral Analysis
  3. Online M.A. in Behavioral Economics

Capacitaci贸n Sacerdocio


Ligas relacionadas con las responsabilidades del Sacerdocio (Orientaci贸n Familiar, Entrevistas, llamamientos, etc)

  1. Mental Models I Find Repeatedly Useful 鈥 Medium
  2. Biblioteca Multimedia
  3. Biblioteca de Capacitaci贸n - 脡lderes
  4. Llamamientos
  5. Llamamientos - Sacerdocio Aar贸nico
  6. Llamamientos - Sacerdocio Aar贸nico, Recursos multimedia de instrucci贸n
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