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Outsourcing Services Provider


Outsource business services to Sam Studio- Get professional outsourcing solutions to your various industrial and business needs

  1. Real Estate Image Editing Services that Adds Extra Glimpse to Your Property Business - ...
  2. Custom Logo Design Services – Create an Impactful Corporate Identity to Your Business -...
  3. Affordable Web Development Services – We help your business go online - Blog-Samstudio
  4. Outsourcing artwork service – Graphic Design Solutions - Blog-Samstudio
  5. Image Manipulation Services – Neck Joint Services – Photo manipulation - Blog-Samstudio
  6. Transcription Services – Fast, Accurate and Reliable Transcription To Your Business Nee...

Photo Editing Services


Outsource photo editing services to Sam Studio get professional image editing services to your photographs at reasonable prices.

  1. Clipping path
  2. 360 panorama stitching services, 360 degree panorama stitching
  3. Photo Management Services
  4. Portrait Editing Services, Portrait enhancement services
  5. Image Manipulation Services
  6. Photo Enhancement Service

Call Center Services


Call center services, inbound and outbound call center, chat, E-mail support services provider across the world at reasonable costs

  1. Outsource chat support, Customer support services, Chat support
  2. SMS Marketing Services, Bulk message sending services, Email
  3. CATI Services, Market research services, CATI research
  4. Outbound Call center services, Call center outsourcing
  5. Inbound Call center services, Outsource call center services
  6. Call center services, Outsourcing call center services

Web Development Services


Sam Studio provides professional web development services to your business. We are leading web design and Development Company in India

  1. Web Research Services
  2. Web hosting services India, web hosting company
  3. Content marketing services, Web content production services
  4. Web Design and development services, Website Designing Services
  5. Ecommerce web Development Company, Ecommerce web development
  6. Web Development Company, Web Development Services

Healthcare Services


Sam Studio provides wide range of healthcare services, healthcare imaging services, legacy health care services to your industrial needs.

  1. 3D medical animation services, medical animation services
  2. Claim adjustment services, claims adjuster
  3. Hospital information system, Healthcare software services
  4. Teleradiology
  5. Medical transcription services, Medical transcription
  6. Medical billing and Coding services, Outsource medical billing

Transcription Services


Transcription services such as medical transcription, audio transcription and video transcription services to Sam Studio across the world

  1. Education transcription services, Outsource education transcription services
  2. Medical transcription services, Outsource Medical transcription services
  3. Business transcription services, Outsource business transcription services
  4. Legal transcription services, Professional transcription services
  5. Bilingual transcription services, Outsource transcription services
  6. Audio transcription services, Video transcription services

Engineering Services


Get consulting engineering services, civil engineering services, stress engineering and engineering advices from Sam Studio at affordable pr

  1. Electrical engineering
  2. Structural Engineering services, Outsource structural engineering
  3. Civil Engineering Services
  4. Architectural design services, Architectural Design
  5. Mechanical Engineering Services
  6. Engineering Services, Consulting Engineering Services

Call Center - Case Studies


Outsourcing Call center Services

  1. Why Outsource Outbound call center services to Sam Studio
  2. Types of Call Center Services provided by Sam studio
  3. Call Center Services
  4. CATI, Email & letters Services

Transcription - Case Studies


Outsource transcription services

  1. Importance of outsourcing Video transcription services
  2. Business transcription Services for multiple industries
  3. Bilingual & multilingual transcription services
  4. Industrial usage of transcription services

Data Management - Case Studies


Outsource Data Management Services

  1. Why Outsourcing data management services to Sam Studio?
  2. What is Data Entry?
  3. Techniques involves in data management
  4. Overview of Data Management Services

Creative Services - Case Studies


Outsource Creative Design Services

  1. Why business requires advertising services?
  2. Overview of printing services in market industry
  3. Film Services benefits of outsourcing film services
  4. Creative Design Services and their types

Digital Marketing Services


Sam Studio provides digital marketing services, SEO services to improve your brand popularity over various search engines

  1. Local SEO Services India, Local SEO companies, SEO Services
  2. Email Marketing Services, Email Marketing Company India
  3. SEO consulting services, SEO consultant India
  4. PPC Management Services, PPC Management Company
  5. Online brand reputation management services provider
  6. Social media marketing services, Social media marketing company

Data Management Services


Get secure data management services such as online data entry, offline data entry, data conversion and data mining services according to you

  1. Data Mining
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Optical Character Recognition
  4. Data processing services, Outsource Data processing services
  5. Electronic publication services, E-publishing Services Company
  6. Data conversion services, outsource data conversion services

Software Development Services


Outsource software development services to Sam Studio. We offer custom software development, mobile application development services

  1. IT Consulting Services, Business management consulting services
  2. Software testing, quality assurance testing, Inspection in software testing
  3. Software maintenance and support, preventive maintenance
  4. Microsoft support windows 7, windows XP migration services
  5. Mobile application development services, Mobile application development
  6. Custom Software Development

Web Development - Case Studies


Outsource Web Development Services

  1. Web Research Services
  2. Responsive Web Design Services
  3. Significance of Web Development

Engineering Services - Case Studies


Outsource Engineering Services

  1. Overview of Mechanical Engineering Services
  2. Marketing demands of Structural Engineering Services
  3. Electrical Engineering Services and their importance in marketing industry
  4. What types of engineering services to be outsourced

Software Development - Case Studies


Outsource Software Development Services

  1. Software Development methodologies
  2. Process involved in Software Development process
  3. Software Development and software development methodilogies
  4. A brief history about the Windows XP advent
  5. Software Development and software development methodilogies

Financial & Accounting - Case Studies


Outsource Financial and Accounting Services

  1. Why outsource Finance and accounting services to sam studio
  2. Outsourcing Accounting Services and their objectives
  3. Brief introduction of Financial and accounting services
  4. Approaches Of Financial Services

Research & Analysis Services


We provide types of data analysis such as research & analysis, market research, quantitative data analysis services to your business needs.

  1. Research report, Research report writing services
  2. Media research services, Outsource media research services
  3. Quick KPO solutions, Knowledge process outsourcing services
  4. Pharmacy research services, Medical research services
  5. Financial research services, financial services
  6. Market Research

Creative Services


Outsource creative design services such as animation, writing, film, graphic design and art work services provider across world.

  1. Art work Services, Vector art work services
  2. Graphic Design Services, Graphic designing services company
  3. Film Services
  4. 2D and 3D animation Services, Animation services company
  5. Writing Services
  6. Designing Services

Financial & Accounting Services


Sam Studio provides professional financial and accounting services or financial services marketing to improve business organizations.

  1. Invoice processing services, Payment processing services outsource
  2. Payroll processing services, payroll self-services Provider Company
  3. Tax preparation services, income tax preparation services
  4. Book keeping services, accounting and book keeping services
  5. Financial analysis, financial statement analysis
  6. Accounting services, outsource accounting services
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