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Fandom SJ


Mostly rants about SPN and how Dean is abusive, but probably some other stuff too.

  1. More about the Detox
  2. Forcing Sam to Detox was Abuse
  3. The Apocalypse Stuff Dean Sucks
  4. Noncorporeal Cecil and Disability
  5. Dean is Abusive

Fic Recs


What it says on the tin

  1. Consensual Sastiel
  2. Sassy meta/fic recs
  3. League of Sam Winchester Admirers
  4. GB Fic Links - Lady Drace



Things I might want to refer to when writing fic, and other useful things.

  1. The Kolinahr Museum of Vulcan Culture | RESOURCES
  2. Facts About Time Lords: Anatomy And Physiology
  3. sad-eyed-lady-of-the-low-lands: ... - All Those Other Worlds
  4. Transcripts - Forever Dreaming
  5. Cecil Speaks - Night Vale Transcripts
  6. FanFictionDownLoader - read fanfiction from,, fictionpres...
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