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Digital Tools

  1. File RTI Online
  2. RTI Anonymous

    rti, India, anonymous, application, file, revolution, online, apply, safe, secure, next, team

  3. Online Elections and Voting


  1. City-based techie develops app for children with disability
  2. How can India become a developed nation? Where are we lagging now?

    quora, India, nation, lag, startup, culture, progress, balaji, well, story

  3. A Citizen has the Right to have different Ideology, Belief and Point of view and it is the

    citizen, right, ideology, belief, system, bombay, high, court

  4. 40 places to Volunteer Travel in India | The Alternative

    volunteer, travel, India, inspiration, place, tour, trip, environment, society, cause, fun

  5. Three VIT graduates are determined to give the bicycle a much-needed image makeover through

    bike, cycle, iit ,graduate, student, business, environment, modern, entrepreneurship, coimbatore

  6. “Judicial Highlights of 2014 – the year that saw it all” | Live Law

    India, justice, judicial, mileston, highlight, news, article, 2014, year


  1. Periyar: The Social Reform Legend who changed Tamil Nadu


  1. Manik Sarkar, the frugal CM

    hindu, article, non, corrupt, clean, politician, cm, tripura, manik, sarkar role model, honest India

  2. RTI on Modi's foreign travel expenses 'too vague and wide' to be revealed

    PMO, Modi, PM, India, prime, minister, travel, expense, information, foreign, trip, TOI

  3. Parliament logjam: Can the Congress beat BJP's record of disruption?

    parliament, congress, BJP, record, disruption, session, shout, India, politics

Road Safety

  1. Public Eye - BTP Bangalore

    bangalore, traffic, police, initiative, public, eye, btp, violation, post, track, complaint

  2. India ranks low in WHO's global road safety rankings

    India, road, safety, accident, global, rank, death, who, report, worst

  3. U.S. Proposes Spending $4 Billion on Self-Driving Cars

    autonomous, car, self, driving, us, law, rule, traffic, safety, accident, less, framework, legal

  4. Road Safety - Presentation

    road, safety, scenario, India, problem, solution, traffic

  5. Road Accidents in India - 2011

    road, accident, India, government, report, traffic

  6. File RTI Online

Village Development

  1. Mahatma Gandhi's views on Village Development
  2. Elango turns Kuthambakkam village as a model village

    Elango, Kuthambakkam, model, village, vision, india, 2020, hero, development, sustainable


  1. Photography in Public - Who draws the Line

    photo, camera, picture, public, rule, act, law, photgraphy

  2. Why privacy matters

    privacy, ted, talk, surveillance, explanation, courage, why, matters


  1. The Top 100 Documentaries We Can Use to Change the World
  2. How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio
  3. Human Population Through Time
  4. Films For Action: Watch Films. Take Action.

    film, movie, documentary, action, inspire, save, world, planet, eye, opener, real, media


  1. Top 10 Corruption Scams in India

    India, corruption, top, 10, scam, worst

  2. The Insurgent

    arvind, kejriwal, anna, hazare, india, against, corruption, ak, delhi, movement, India

  3. What is the best photograph of government corruption?

    corruption, disaster, fund, government, photo, image, construction, politics, corrupt, money


  1. The Internet of Ownership – A directory for the online democratic ecosystem

    shop, online


  1. CSIE - IITM

    iit, madras, center, social, innovation, entrepreneurship, support, mentor, technology, skill

  2. National Innovation Foundation-India

    national, innovation, social, science, technology, support, government, india, department, support

  3. Innovation, Foundation, Innovative Ideas

    social, innovation, project, idea, mentor, free, impact, support

  4. NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum

    nasscom, social, innovation, forum, idea, project, award, solve, problem, technology

Crowd Funding

  1. Rang De - Invest in rural entrepreneurs today
  2. Loans that change lives
  3. Catapooolt

    crowd, funding, sourcing, entrepreneur, India, online, platform, project, money, fund

  4. Milaap: Crowdfunding for all | India's largest fundraising platform for personal and social

    milaap, online, crowd, fund, source, social, cause, India, raise, contribute


  1. Avoid unparliamentary language in your RTI
  2. CIC: When a woman below poverty line was surviving on pension from social welfare departmen

    woman, poverty line, commission, pension, special, case, life, and, liberty, social, survive

  3. DigitalIndiaMeetingDIT-CMO-Verified-27-11-2014.pdf

    maharashtra, online, digital, electronic, rti, government, order, state, system

  4. Making the Right to Information a Reality

    right, information, movie, documentary, film, youtube, video, shailesh, gandhi, india, government

  5. Shri Harish Rawat, Chief Minister, Govt. of Uttarakhand: Order CBI probe into Uttarakhand F

    petition, flood, relief, scam, 2013, order, cbi, uttarakhand, change, online, rti, reveal, response

  6. How to handle stays on Information Commission's orders

    information, commission, shailesh, gandhi, court, handle, stay, appeal, rti, draft

Anti Capitalism

  1. Japanese sectoral currency aimed at promoting service to the elderly
  2. How a Worker-Owned Tech Startup Found Investors—and Kept Its Values

    business, startup, investment, worker, owned, tech, share, social, impact, redeemable, preference

  3. Top 10 anti-capitalist books

    anti, capitalism, book, read

  4. Anti-Capitalism: Ezequiel Adamovsky, United Illustrators, Marie Trigona: 9781609800871: Ama

    book, anti, capitalism, economy, corporate, democracy


  1. Indian-origin Canadian professor tests road that self-repairs in Karnataka
  2. Chennai: Pavement turns unusable as railing plan backfires

    Chennai, Corporation, pavement, road ,rail, plan, worst, government, project, civic

  3. File FIR

    fir, alternative, police, complaint, lodge, refuse, law, offence

  4. Exnora organises walk for awareness on barrier-free pavements

    exnora, awareness, barrier, free, pavement, blind, visually, challenged, photo, news, paper, sai

Education System

  1. What the best education systems are doing right

    education, comparison, system, study, country, ted, idea

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