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COP 21

  1. India unveils global solar alliance of 120 countries at Paris climate summit

    India, solar, energy, climate, summit, modi, environment, change, renewable, clean, 2022

  2. 175 countries sign Paris Climate Agreement

    175, country, paris, climate, agreement, sign, 2016, april, 22, co2, emission, proposal

  3. Paris climate change conference 2015

    cop21, climate, summit, france, bookmark. articles

  4. The Paris climate negotiations, explained

    paris, climate, summit, explained, youtube, video, cop21, environment

  5. List of Parties that signed the Paris Agreement on 22 April

    paris, agreement, sign, parties, party, country, signature, environment, co2, emission, proposal

  6. Key takeaways from Modi's COP21 speech

    modi, cop, 21, speech, India, environment, climate, summit, change,

Inspiring Action

  1. 2041 - Our mission is to unite organizations, educators, and technology innovators who ...
  2. This Is How The King & The Queen Of Bhutan Celebrated The Newborn Prince

    bhutan, king, queen, baby, celebration, tree, plantation, environment, carbon, negative

  3. Girl, 9, sues Indian government over inaction on climate change


  1. Indian Climate Research Network


  1. 1992: Scientists warning to Humanity
  2. Surging Seas: Sea level rise analysis by Climate Central

    sea, level, rising. map, globe, interactive, environment, disaster, nature, rise, people, metro,

  3. 'சகஜ நிலை'க்குத் திரும்பப் போகிறோமா? ஒரு கார் மெக்கானிக் -

    chennai, flood, after, math, 2015, december, climate, change, environment,

  4. Is Miami Beach Doomed?

    miami ,beach, sea ,level, rise, climate, change, environment, city, list, documentary

  5. Top 20 Cities with Billions at Risk from Climate Change: Cities by the Sea

    climate, change, environment, top, 20, city, list, risk, billion, study


  1. Infographic: What Do Your Country's Emissions Look Like?

    country, co2, emission, infograph, chart, climate, change, environment


  1. Climate Explorer
  2. Google Timelapse
  3. Global Climate Change: Climate Reel Grid


  1. RegenVillages
  2. Tesla’s batteries to power two dozen Calif. office buildings

    tesla, battery, power, building, elon, musk, energy, environment

  3. Tesla's New Car Is So Good, It Literally Broke the Consumer Reports Scale

    tesla, motor, car, electric, environment, power, clean, solar, consumer, elon, musk

  4. Tesla powers a whole island with solar to show off its energy chops
  5. Treerover
  6. Revenge of the Electric Car: Documentary Full 1080p HD


  1. M2020: The climate turning point

Sustainable Villages

  1. Sristi Foundation | Puducherry, India


  1. Paalaar Urban Farms

Cop 21: Paris Climate Agreement

  1. 5 takeaways about the climate deal

    paris, environment, climate, change, cop21, takeaway, deal

Chennai Floods 2015

  1. How Official Negligence Turned a Natural Crisis into a Human-Made Catastrophe

    chennai, flood, crisis, man, made, natural, rain, human, catastrophe, 2015

  2. Freaked out after losing home for first time: Actor Siddharth to NDTV

    Siddharth, chennai, relief, work, cuddalore, tamil, nadu, flood, rain, youtube, video

  3. Chennai airport was doomed, its runway is built on river

    chennai, flood, rain, airport, doomed, adyar, river, acr, youtube, video

  4. For the love of Chennai | The Times of India

    love, chennai, flood, humanity, relief, 2015, december, work, help, support, spirit

Dark Future

  1. What are some things that can no longer be experienced, due to the way that the world h...

    nostalgic, experience, world, change, life, different, time

  2. Jakarta is sinking! - Equator from the Air - BBC
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