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Indian History

  1. Timeline Indian freedom struggle


  1. Capitalism Will Eat Democracy Unless We Speak Up

    democracy, problem, solution, corporate, global, politics, economy, documentary, film, action


  1. Email Design Guide
  3. Capitalization | Punctuation Rules
  4. Periods
  5. When To Use Capital Letters

    english, writing, capital, letters, tutorial, usage


  1. These 11 Pictures Show Exactly What’s Wrong With The Indian Mindset

    India, culture, pictures, wrong, mindset, way, of, life, dress, code, sex, logic

  2. Top 10 Bizarre Religions

    religion, youtube, video, culture, bizarre, top, 10

  3. 10 Most Bizarre Traditions From Around The World

    bizarre, tradition, religion, culture, youtube, video, world, top, 10

  4. Stunning Portraits Of The World’s Remotest Tribes Before They Pass Away (46 pics)

    tribe, world, lost, photo, photography, people, culture

  5. Should pornography be legalised?

    porn, debate, legalise, ndtv, youtube, video, pornography

  6. JIMMY NELSON - Home

    photography, travel, culture, tribe, photo, project, lost, world, people


  1. What is the secret for a happy marriage?
  2. What's wrong in having more than one wife?

    women, men, marriage, wife, husband, India, culture, system, polygamy, polyandry, polyamory

  3. Do arranged marriages in India really work?

    India, arranged, marriage, work, culture, practise, society ,story

  4. What is it like to not get married and live alone?

    marriage, alone, life, lonely, single, story, quora, read

  5. “It’s not about the sex”: The case for open relationships

    relationship, love, open, marriage, story, news, article, sex, culture, new, moden, explore

  6. Indian man with 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren

    children, grand, wives, wife, indian, man, big, huge, family, polygamy


  1. These monkeys are the most monogamous primates on earth
  2. Did Human Evolution Favor Monogamy or Polygamy?

    monogamy, shared, human, sex, social, behavior, polygamy, relationship, nature, evolution

  3. Monogamy and Human Evolution

    monogamy, shared, human, sex, social, behavior, polygamy, relationship, nature, evolution

  4. Monogamy is not a natural state for men OR women… controversial TED lecturer claims that we

    monogamy, shared, human, sex, social, behavior, polygamy, relationship, nature, evolution

  5. Is Monogamy Natural for Humans?

    monogamy, shared, human, sex, social, behavior, polygamy, relationship, nature, evolution


  1. Answer to Why I Am Not a Hindu

    hindu, answer, religion, India, culture

  2. Why I Am Not a Hindu

    religion, hindu, why, India, culture, meaning, veda, manusmriti

  3. a-critical-response-to-why-i-am-not-a-christian-by-bertrand-russell.pdf

    critical, response, christian, why, I, am, not, a, bertrand,russell religion, christianity belief,

Indian Culture

  1. Meet The Woman Behind The Children's Book 'My Chacha Is Gay'
  2. The pensioners being burned alive as witches by their own FAMILIES... so they can profit fr

    kenya, witch, village, belief, elder, culture, religion, hunt, burn, alive, magic, black, sorcery

  3. Why Your Daughter’s Marriage Shouldn’t Be Your Biggest Dream For Her

    daughter, marriage, saving, family, India, culture, dowry, system, girl

  4. End Female Genital Mutilation in India

    female, genital, mutilation, petition, change, India, tradition, culture, ritual, social

  5. These Indians Are In The Spotlight For All the Wrong Reasons

    gender, sex, equality, woman ,spotlight, video, India, man

  6. The Khajuraho Temples – Where Religion Meets Sex

    khajuraho, temple, religion, sex, statue, erotic, India, culture


  1. 9 Circles of Hell

    9, nine, circle, hell, sin, after, life

  2. Different types of Hell as per Hindu religion - Very Scary

    hindu, religion, hell, punishment, sin, after, death, scary, naraka


  1. How does it feel to have sex with your spouse on your wedding night when he/she is a strang

    sex, stranger, arranged, marriage, spouse, wedding, night, first, sweet, India, culture, story

  2. What's wrong with a brother and sister falling in love?

    India, culture, practise, brother, sister, love, marriage, incest, cousin, moral, right, wrong

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