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  1. Jeff Bezos thinks we need to build industrial zones in space in order to save Earth

    jeff, bezos, heavy, industry, space, zone, build, solar, power, energy, save, planet, earth, move

  2. Don't look now, but the future is here!

    future, science, technology, prediction, flying, car, jetpack, robot

  3. Citizen science enters a new era

    science, citizen, technology, boinc, seti, culture, computing, volunteer


  1. Life in The Universe Documentary | HD 1080p

    life, universe, documentary, space, star, galaxy, black, hole, past, future, big, bang ,video

Elon Musk

  1. With a historic landing, SpaceX launches new age of spaceflight

    spacex, elon, musk, landing, falcon, launch, rocket, history, space


  1. A Brief History of Time - Stephen W. Hawking

    evolution, physics, astronomy, quote, Hawking, Stephen, space, brief ,history ,time, book

  2. Einstein for Everyone

    einstein, physics, book, science, free, black, hole, space, special, relativity, theory, time


  1. British couple overjoyed at birth of second cloned puppy

    clone, dog, british, couple, birth, puppy, nature, human, science, lab, koria, uk

Science Projects

  1. Publications by BOINC projects

    distributed, computing, boinc, volunteer, science, finding, publication, paper, journal


  1. Psychology of Everyday Life: What are some cool examples of men will be men?

    men, psychology, thought, process, boy, adult, sex, quora

  2. The Psychopath: The Mask of Sanity

    mask, sanity, psychopath, psycho, psychology, brain, mind, life, crazy, insane

  3. Test for Psychopathy

    test, psychopath, psychology, brain

  4. How to Spot a Psychopath: Look For Speech Patterns, Scientists Say | Fox News

    psychopath, spot, speech, pattern, psychology, identify

  5. Psychopaths: Born evil or with a diseased brain? - BBC News

    psychology, psychopath, evil, mental, illness, brain

  6. The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science

    religion, evolution, politics, research, climate, data, belief, human, mind, emotion

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