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  1. The myth of software time estimations – Hacker Noon
  2. How to explain a layperson why a developer should not be interrupted while neck-deep in...
  3. Paul Glen: You can't wear the manager and developer hats at the same time
  4. The 10 rules of a Zen programmer
  5. When are due dates assigned? What happens to due dates after work is done?

    trello, agile, development, tools, software, guide, project, management, pm

  6. IPFS is the Distributed Web

    storage, p2p, filesystem, open, source, global, data, fileshare, web, inspiration, http, next, gen


  1. Embracing Promises in JavaScript

    javascript, js, code, promise, tutorial, sample, easy

  2. What to learn in 2017 if you’re a frontend developer

Data Mining / BI

  1. Microsoft Power BI


  1. 21 tips, tricks and shortcuts to help you stay anonymous online

    privacy, anonymity, security, how, to, encryption, web, online, safety, technology


  1. Amazing Apple-like Documentation

    developer, mac, apple, doc, tool, command, line, tutorial, appledoc, generation, html, help, pages

  2. Using AppleDoc to generate Xcode help (Part 1) -

    developer, mac, apple, doc, tool, command, line, tutorial, appledoc, generation, html, help, pages


  1. How to format time since xxx e.g. “4 minutes ago” similar to Stack Exchange sites
  2. Recursively remove filename suffix from files in shell

    recursive, remove, file, name, batch, operation, rename, shell, linux, terminal

  3. Recursive search and replace in text files on Mac and Linux

    recursive, search, replace, text, file, terminal, command, shell, linux, script

  4. Renaming files in a folder to sequential numbers

    rename, file, sequential, order, folder, linux, terminal, script, shell, batch, bash

  5. How to report number of files in all subdirectories?

    linux, unix, terminal, command, find, file, count, directory, sub, report, script


  1. Certbot

    certificate, https, security, https, bot, automated, easy, deploy, cert, free

  2. Your Password is Too Damn Short

    password, damn, too, short, internet, safety, security, article

  3. One Small Certificate for the Web, One Giant Certificate Authority for Web Encryption

    certificate, authority, web, encryption, http, security, free, ssl, EFF

  4. Free SSL/TLS Certificates

    lets, encrypt, https, ssl, certificate, free, security, web, online, safe.

  5. Password Haystacks: How Well Hidden is Your Needle?

    online, security, hacking, password, strength, test

  6. Ransom32: First-of-its-kind JavaScript-based ransomware spotted in the wild

    javascript, ransom, ware, hack, black, mail, security, lock, file, folder, cross, platform


  1. Here's How India Could Kickstart Real Digital Governance

    India, digital, governance, kick, start, computer, online ,technology, government, office, paper,


  1. Uploading

    technology, future, mind, uploading, consciousness, philosophy

  2. Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?

    simulation, argument, philosophy, reality, science, theory, life

  3. Even if Life Is a Computer Simulation . . .

    life, computer, simulation, theory ,philosophy


  1. OpenAI | Universe
  2. Google and Elon Musk open their AI platforms to researchers
  3. Mark Zuckerberg built an AI that controls his house, and he'll demo it next month

    mark, zuckerberg, ai, control, house, face, voice, recognition

  4. AI masters 49 Atari 2600 games without instructions

    ai, game, artificial, intelligence, neural, train, machine, learn, video, atari, master, instruction

  5. Movie written by algorithm turns out to be hilarious and intense

    movie, script, algorithm, written, by, ai, artificial, intelligence, neural, network, film

  6. Google's DeepMind defeats legendary Go player Lee Se-dol


  1. Flexible volunteer opportunity

    green, earth, nature, environment, wordpress, template, theme

Framework / SDK / Plugin

  1. Freedcamp - Free Project Management tool
  2. Open source mobile app customer support & In app feedback Management
  3. Discourse

    forum, open, source, discussion, discourse, tools, ruby, modern, light, weight, cocos2dx, ionic free

  4. Charts  |  Google Developers

    google, chart, javascript, web, sdk, framework, ui, user, interface, bar, pie

  5. Embed GoogleGroups on WordPress, I use OdynoGoogleGroups!

    embed, google, groups, wordpress, plugin, forum, free


  1. Developer-Timeline03.jpg

    developer, programmer, timeline, age, picture

  2. Who makes sure Google never goes down

    google, time, reliability, engineering, sre, network, efficiency, performance, development, online

  3. Please don't make death threats because a video game got delayed

    death, threat, video, game, delay, gamer, news, gaming

  4. Programmer Automates His Job For 6 Years, Finally Gets Fired, Forgets How To Code| Inte...

    programmer, automate, job, testing, 6, year, job, fire, work, do, nothing, no, friend, forgot

  5. The Absolutely True Story of a Real Programmer Who Never Learned C

    programmer, story, article, read, program, c, true

  6. Google self-driving car strikes bus in California

    google, self, driving, car, bus, strike, accident, av, autonomous, vehicle,


  1. The 14 Best Data Visualization Tools
  2. reCAPTCHA
  3. GitStats - git history statistics generator
  4. Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool - Google
  5. How to set up Trello board for Scrum
  6. Using Git and Github to Manage Your Dotfiles

    git, dotfiles, github, linux, unix, vim, dot, files


  1. Reiner`s Tilesets

    tile, set, game, dev, resource, free, open, source, sound, music, texture, 2d, 3d ,model, graphic,

  2. Free Sound Effects FX Library, Free Download

    sound, effect, free, audio, royalty, resource, game, dev, development, music

  3. Download Free Sound Effects

    free, sfx, sound, resource, effect, audio, track, game, dev, music, development

  4. Free Graphics for Flash and Indie Games

    game, graphic, resource, dev, development, sprite, sound, free, art, tile, open, source

  5. PlayOnLoop - Royalty-free Music Loops for Creative Professionals

    loop, music, sound, free, royalty, audio, effect, video, game, dev, development

  6. Royalty Free Music & Songs |

    loop, music, free, royalty, song, track, game, dev, development

Interesting Products

  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk
  2. API For Human Intelligence
  3. Knowlarity Virtual telephony systems |

    call, center, service, product, mobile, telephone, voice, process

  4. Products & Services | Google Cloud Platform  |  Google Cloud Platform
  5. TechyMart

    school, management, system, software, mobile, version, education

  6. Now You Can Report Crime, Municipal Issues & More, Anonymously, with This Mobile App

    cop, citizen, civic, issue, traffic, crime, reporting, tool, digital, India, emergency, tracking

Interesting Read

  1. Applying the Linus Torvalds “Good Taste” Coding Requirement
  2. How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016
  3. What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered?

    humor, programming, fun, code, coding, humour, reference, funny, development, stackoverflow, geek

  4. Old programmers never die

    old, programmer, article, die, death

  5. Junior vs Senior Developers: What's the Difference, Anyway? - DZone Agile

    junior, senior, developer, transition, programming, experience, question, difference, metric

  6. Monday morning mistake: sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /

    recovery, server, crash, delete, everything, doom, no, backup, joke, loss, rm, command,

Interesting Links

  1. Autocomplete from Stack Overflow
  2. Soul Reaper - HTML5 Scroll Book

    html5, parallax, comic, css3, rich, jquery, interesting, demo, tech, story, telling, online

Design Inspiration

  1. Chuckie Chang


  1. Autocomplete from Stack Overflow

    stack, overflow, auto, complete, code, snippet, auto, javascript, fetch, prototype

  2. Stack Overflow: The Architecture - 2016 Edition

    stack, over, flow, architecture, software, hardware, system, db, sql, web, load, server

  3. Stack Overflow: How We Do Deployment

    stack, overflow, deployment, real, time, server, git, build, continuous, integration


  1. holoportation: virtual 3D teleportation in real-time (Microsoft Research)

    holoportation, microsoft, technology, reality, real, time, body, transfer, physical, object


  1. Five app prototyping tools compared:, Pixate, Origami, Framer & Form — Design ...

    prototype, app, web, comparison, ui, tool, proto, pixate, origami, framer, form

  2. Mobile UI | Friends

    mobile, ui, user, interface, experience, ux, mock, inspiration, design, sample


  1. re:Work - The five keys to a successful Google team

    successful, team, google, key, five, attribute, trait

  2. re:Work - Subjects

    office, workspace, improvement, practice, flow, insight, hiring, project, management, guide, case

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