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  1. Herb Database
  2. Seabirds Are Eating Tons of Plastic, and the Problem is Getting Worse

    sea, bird, eat, ton, plastic, problem, care, worse, pollution, marice, ocean, degrade ecg

  3. The Man Who Planted a Forest Larger Than Central Park

    jadav, payeng, activist, tree, forest, creation, legend, single, man, army, inspiration, motivation

  4. A Dozen Black Holes Are Mysteriously Spewing Energy In the Same Direction

    dozen, black, hole, energy, same, direction, mystery, space, science

  5. WastAway

    biomass, energy, fuel, wave, garbage, environment, company

  6. Bringing Family Back to the Soil

    soil, green, peace, family, village, development, biogas, waste, energy

Waste management

  1. Copenhagen planning to introduce refundable deposits on pizza boxes
  2. Corporation imposes fine on Big Bazaar

    corporation, corporate, big, bazaar, dump, clothes, garment, kerala, fine, exchange, discount

  3. Residents up in arms over Kuthambakkam project

    resident, kuthambakka, project, solid, waste, management, Chembarampakkam, lake, ecg

  4. Close Chennai Dumpyards

    chennai, dump, yard, land, fill, change, org, petition, environment, waste ,solid, management

  5. Policy Watch: Lessons we can learn from Sweden in waste management | Latest News & Updates

    sweden, solid, waste, management, environment, recycle, compost, role, model, garbage, clean, save

  6. A community approach to composting

    environment, waste, garden, cook, garbage, chennai, compost, solid, corporation


  1. Urban Agroecoloy: 6,000 lbs of food on 1/10th acre - Urban Homestead - Urban Permaculture

    home, garden, sustainable, living, food, grown, green, initiative, future, inspiration, motivate

  2. Dear Future Generations: Sorry | Stand For Trees

    youtube, tree, save, earth, future, system, inspiration, forest, destruction, pollution

  3. Why should environmentalists care about reproductive rights?

    sex, education

  4. Save Our World

    tree, care, world, earth, save, compost, kid, video, youtube, plastic, energy, change, make, family

  5. The Story of Bottled Water (2010)

    water, recycle, bottle, health, video, youtube, plastic, land, fill, India, pollution

  6. Man - evolution and pollution ....- Emaroketing.com

    environment, ecg, video, youtube, pollution, man, human, destruction, industry, nature, animal, kill

Bio Plastic

  1. Conserve India :: Fighting Poverty through Fashion

    bags, sustainability, recycling, recycle, fashion, india, shopping, company, plastic, environment.

  2. Bio-plastics catching up

    bio, plastic, alternative, bag, India, company, cost, environment

COP 21

  1. India unveils global solar alliance of 120 countries at Paris climate summit

    India, solar, energy, climate, summit, modi, environment, change, renewable, clean, 2022

  2. 175 countries sign Paris Climate Agreement

    175, country, paris, climate, agreement, sign, 2016, april, 22, co2, emission, proposal

  3. Paris climate change conference 2015

    cop21, climate, summit, france, bookmark. articles

  4. The Paris climate negotiations, explained

    paris, climate, summit, explained, youtube, video, cop21, environment

  5. List of Parties that signed the Paris Agreement on 22 April

    paris, agreement, sign, parties, party, country, signature, environment, co2, emission, proposal

  6. Key takeaways from Modi's COP21 speech

    modi, cop, 21, speech, India, environment, climate, summit, change,

Terra forming

  1. The United Arab Emirates wants to build a fake mountain to increase rainfall

    fake, mountain, attract, rain, environment, desert, UAE, arab, increase


  1. Tesla powers a whole island with solar to show off its energy chops
  2. World’s first grid-connected wave power station switched on in Australia

    energy, ocean, wave, clean, renewable, resource future environment, grid, power, station, australia

  3. Dutch solar road makes enough energy to power household

    dutch, solar, road, power, renewable, energy, surface, concrete, glass, street

  4. Tesla's New Car Is So Good, It Literally Broke the Consumer Reports Scale

    tesla, motor, car, electric, environment, power, clean, solar, consumer, elon, musk

  5. Green Micro Gym: Electricity Generating Fitness Equipment

    gym, green, energy, fitness, innovation, electricity, ideas, portland, power, environment

  6. Desert tower raises Chile's solar power ambition to new heights

    solar, energy, chile, largest, environment, climate, carbon, clean, renewable


  1. Getting positive forces closer to save water

    water, conservation, tn, state, initiative, heritage, walk, village, children, school, education

  2. On the wheels of change

    coimbatore, wheel, change, eco, awareness, nature, care, group, earth, kerala, expedition, cycle


  1. Before the Flood
  2. Plastic Planet

    plastic, planet, animation, video, youtube, kid, sustainabiity, food, environment

  3. Garbage Island: An Ocean Full of Plastic (Part 1/3)

    garbage, island, marina, plastic, pacific, vortex, great, sea, pollution, earth, destruction

  4. Dirt! The Movie (FULL)

    Dirt, movie, environment, nature, farm, cultivation, earth, human, youtube, video, documentary

  5. (Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

    thrive, earth, youtube, video, movie, documentary, environment

  6. Seeds of Permaculture - Tropical Permaculture

    seed, permaculture, environment, documentary, video, youtube, earth


  1. Montreal wants complete ban on plastic water bottles

    montreal, water, bottle, plastic, ban, environment, metro, city, bag, recycle


  1. The Most Important Job

    important, job, world, farming, agriculture, video, youtube, food

  2. Planet Earth (TV Mini-Series 2006)

    planet, earth, documentary, film, tv, series, environment, bbc, movie, mini, show


  1. Pulsar Discovery by Global Volunteer Computing

    boinc, achievement, volunteer, computing, pulsar, einstein, home

  2. M4 Message Breaking Project

    boinc, achievement, enigma, message, project, world, war, germany, code ,decyption

  3. First Einstein@Home Discovery!

    boinc, achievement, einstein, home, pulsar, discovery, space, volunteer, computing

  4. நம் ஒவ்வொருவரையும் புல்லரிக்க வைக்கும் ஓர்...

    chennai, flood, video, volunteer, humanity, 2015

  5. 50839465.cms

    chennai, corporation, coc, park, adopt, scheme, green, environment, initiative, ngo

Kitchen Garden

  1. One Man’s Genius Idea To Grow Tomatoes

    tomato, plant, kitchen, garden, home, food, terrace


  1. XPRIZE - Energy & Environment

    energy, environment, innovation, award, prize, idea, future, clean, climate, change, initiative


  1. HC notice to PWD on 'seema karuvelam' trees

    karuvelam, unsafe, danger, tree, pwd, high, court, notice, environment, forest, ground, water, suck

  2. El Gamma's Touching Tribute To Mother Nature | Asia’s Got Talent Grand Final 1

    nature, environment, tree, video, inspiration, axn, shadow, dance, destruction, forest, mother

  3. The Gift of Death

    gift, environment, consumerism, consumer, life, style, death, article

  4. Surging Seas: Sea level rise analysis by Climate Central

    sea, level, rising. map, globe, interactive, environment, disaster, nature, rise, people, metro,


  1. The return of the coal powered car?


  1. Using coco peat to grow food

    coco, peat, food, farm, alternative, cultivation, plant, green, house, soil, vegetable

  2. Sikkim goes fully organic: 5 ways the state has made things work

    sikkim, India, organic, state, environment, farming


  1. Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years, says WWF

    nature, wildlife, environment, biodiversity, wwf ,urgency, sustainability, animal, human

  2. Facts and Sources

    cowspiracy, film, nature, food, sustainable, vegetarian, animal, product, deforestation, conspiracy

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