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Analytics & Monitoring

  1. PM2 · Advanced, production process manager for Node.js
  2. Fabric - crash reports, performance metrics, analytics, beta distribution
  3. Keen.io 50K events/month free
  4. ServerDensity - Server monitoring
  5. Server Log Monitoring Tool | Scalyr
  6. Segment

    single hub to collect, manage and route your customer analytics data


  1. 4CodePush-ify your mobile client
  2. Continuous Integration that Lives and Works in the Cloud | Snap CI by ThoughtWorks
  3. Vagrant
  4. dploy.io – Continuous deployment for everyone

    Deploy your apps from GitHub, Bitbucket or any other Git repository to servers in one click

  5. Continuous Delivery for free | Codeship
  6. Mamiya

    Mamiya allows you to deploy without ssh -- using tarballs, some storages (S3, etc), and Serf


  1. Weebly



Using lookup tables for error messages rather than inline literals make later translations easier to support

  1. PhraseApp: Software Translation Management
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