Energy Healing

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Scientific Study on Biofield Energy Healing


Biofield Energy Healing is a non-touch healing therapy that works on aaddressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances.

  1. Impact of Energy Treatment on Biphenyl

    Due to the impact of human energy treatment, there was a change observed

  2. Spectroscopic Characterization of Biphenyl

    Read here to know about the impact of unique energy treatment

  3. DSC Analysis of Biphenyl

    The DSC analysis of Biphenyl shows the change in melting temperature

  4. Alteration in Biphenyl Surface Area Analysis

    The Biphenyl surface area analysis has resulted in changes in the surface area of the sample

  5. Spectral & Thermal Properties of Biphenyl

    The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of human energy treatment

  6. Analysis of Biphenyl UV-Vis Spectrum

    Biphenyl UV-Vis spectrum study was done to test the effects of alternative energy treatment s

Spiritual Healing


Healing therapy that works on a quantum level addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances simultaneously.

  1. Impact of Trivedi Effect on Staphylococcus Aureus

     This blog highlights the results of a new research work that was aimed to combat against food-borne

  2. Research on Cashew Plant by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi

    This science experiment on cashew plants is another example of the miraculous capabilities

  3. Biofield Treatment of Boron Nitride | Mahendra Trivedi

    Mr. Mahendra Trivedi is showing the true potential of Biofield Energy Treatment to the world

  4. Silicon Carbide Powder | Biofield Treatment by Mahendra Trivedi

    Through the use of biofield energy, Mr. Mahendra Trivedi has shown some dramatic transformations

  5. Biofield Treatment- Science Behind The Trivedi Effect

    The Trivedi Effect represents a major breakthrough in the emerging frontier of Biofield Energy

  6. Mahendra Trivedi Biography | PubFacts

    Mr. Trivedi’s unique biofield energy (The Trivedi effect®) has been known for its significant impact

Energy Healing

  1. Improvement in Mustard Plant Growth Parameters

    Due to the impact of unique energy treatment, there were alterations in mustard plant growth.

  2. Increase in Plant Growth of Chick Pea

    Research highlights that the unique human energy treatment could be used as an alternative approach.

  3. Study of Yield Attributes of Chick Pea

    Alterations in the growth, yield, and yield attributes of Mustard and Chick Pea seeds were observed

  4. Evaluation of Yield Attributes of Mustard

    The yield attributes of Mustard showed, the lucidly higher numbers of siliquae on the main shoot.

  5. Yield of Mustard & Chick Pea Seeds

    The current research study was done to evaluate the impact of human energy treatment

  6. Evaluation of Cashew Pathological Analysis

    The results of the pathological examination of Cashew suggest that the treated farms.

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