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  1. The Firebase Blog: VueFire - Firebase meets Vue.js
  2. New vue.js Projects - Libraries
  3. vuejs/vuex

    Flux-inspired Application Architecture for Vue.js.

  4. vuejs/vuefire: Firebase bindings for Vue.js
  5. vuejs/vue-resource

    services for making web requests and handle responses using a XMLHttpRequest or JSONP.

  6. vuejs/vue-validator


  1. ☆ yuche/vue-strap

    Aunque no use Bootstrap, merece la pena estudiar como están hechos.

  2. kzima/vuestrap-base-components: Web components that extend Bootstrap 4 - http://kzima.g...

    Vuestrap Base Components extend Bootstrap 4. Built with vuestrap, plain Vue.js and Webpack.

  3. Vue MDL Documentation

    Material Design Lite(mdl) components

  4. VUI - UI Components
  5. gritcode/gritcode-components

    extend Bootstrap 4 with vuestrap web components built with Vue.js and Webpack.

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