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  1. The Ascent of Man
  2. The Genius of Srinivasa Ramanujan | Vigyan Prasar | IISER Pune
  3. Grigori Perelman documentary

    Use YouTube CC for (English) subtitles ...

  4. Giza 3D


  1. Wolfram Mathematica
  2. Wolfram Research, Inc.
  3. Function Repository
  4. The Mathematica Package Repository.
  5. AbstractAlgebra - Exploring Abstract Algebra with Mathematica
  6. Making a website with Mathematica


  1. The Eclipse Foundation
  2. How-To Install Workbench 3.0


  1. Sage on Windows 10

    Running Sage on the Windows 10 Pro Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

  2. Questions - ASKSAGE: Sage Q&A Forum
  3. SageMath - Open-Source Mathematical Software System
  4. Abstract Algebra with Sage
  5. Sage Documentation v9.0
  6. Number fields — Sage Constructions v6.8



27/8-'20: OK. A Python category...

  1. Pexpect version 4.8 — Pexpect 4.8 documentation
  2. Diophantine — SymPy documentation



Client-Server protocol for Scientific Computing packages

  1. OpenMath Home
  2. SCSCP (Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol)
  3. SCSCP related
  4. symcomp/
  5. GAP Manual SCSCP


  1. GAP
  2. GAP Lesson
  3. GAP Lectures by A. Hulpke
  4. Abstract Algebra with GAP
  5. Rings in GAP

    Everything you always wanted to know about rings in GAP (*but were afraid to ask*) - Jürgen Ecker

  6. LibGAP


  2. A tutorial for Pari/GP
  3. PARIrefcard.pdf
  4. An introduction to gp2c
  5. parigp tutorials
  6. Category:PARI/GP


  1. Singular
  2. KANT
  3. MixEmul


  1. GeoGebra | Free Math Apps - used by over 100 Million Students & Teachers Worldwide
  2. Escher en het Alhambra
  3. Digital Mathematics

    Geogebra Tutorial and more...


  1. Desmos

    Online graphing calculator


  1. Rich Client Platform
  2. Eclipsepedia

Online Tools

  1. quadratic camera
  3. Table of Infinite Products Infinite Sums Infinite Series Elliptic Theta
  4. CindyJS
  5. PrimePages: prime number research records and results
  6. Wolfram|Alpha



Category Reviewed 19/1-'21

  1. LaTeX org
  2. MiKTeX Project Page
  3. TeX Users Group

    Official channel of TeX Users Group. Conferences, and other videos on TeX and associated tech.

  4. Wikia
  5. Tex Stack Exchange
  6. Style/class tutorials


  1. LaTeX Editors/IDEs
  2. OverLeaf
  3. ShareLaTeX, the Online LaTeX Editor
  4. TeXstudio : user manual
  5. TeXstudio
  6. Hannah-Sten/TeXiFy-IDEA

LaTeX packages

  1. Using the amsthm package
  2. Package graphicx
  3. tcolorbox.pdf


  1. Text Processing Tools
  2. PDF to PNG - Convert PDF to PNG Online
  3. Markdown,Sublime Text and Pandoc
  5. iceScrum

Image Processing

  1. Digital Image Processing

"Hardware for Tools"

  1. vrugtehagel.
  2. SimH "Classic"
  3. Homepage | Focusrite
  4. Introduction to Hardware: Learn the Basics
  5. Udemy - How to give your laptop a second life - SSD, HDD, RAM, Fa...
  6. Wireshark · Go Deep.

    network analysis tool

Brain & Life

  1. How do brains work?
  2. the Shape of Life | The Story of the Animal Kingdom


  1. Library Genesis
  2. Open Source Approved by AIM
  3. Mathematics Textbooks for Self Study --- A Guide for the Autodidactic
  4. Free Textbooks by Topic
  5. Goodreads

    The Facebook for book-lovers. Join!

e-Book Accessories

  1. Calibre

    E-book Database Management

  2. Custom Metadata for Calibre
  3. Convert DjVu files to PDF Online
  4. Jellybooks - Welcome

    A Free Solution to all your PDF Problems

  6. Goodereader

Complex Analysis


Category Reviewed 18/1-'21

  1. Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis ' Complex Analysis notes

    Textbooks and papers on Complex Analysis

  2. James Cook's MATH 331: Complex Analysis

    Lectures, Problem Sets and Solutions

  3. Math 5021

    Problem Sets + Solutions CA I

  4. Math 5022

    Problem Sets + Solutions CA II

  5. Complex Analysis - Spring 16

    Mathematics III - Complex Analysis - Spring 16

  6. MIT 18.04 Class Notes

Number Theory

  1. Linear algebraic approach to algebraic number theory | Number Theory and Its Applicatio...
  2. Elementary Number Theory

    Number Theory Course by W. Stein at Harvard in 2001 using PariGP

  3. Number Theory and Cryptography

    Tech Notes by Matt Kerr

  4. The Subalgebra Structure of the Cayley-Dickson Algebra of Dimension 32 (trigintaduonion)

    Beyond the sedenions : trigintaduonions.

  5. Euclidean Algorithm for Gaussian Integers

    Taken from the mathdoctorbob collection

  6. Rings of Integers in Quadratic and Cyclotomic Fields

Analytic Number Theory

  1. Riemann Hypothesis

    Proposed (dis)proofs of the Riemann Hypothesis

  2. Riemann_s_Explicit_Formula_and_the_Prime_Number_Theorem

    Prime Counting Function

  3. Explicit formulae for L-functions
  4. Bsc. Thesis Zeta function (pdf)

    The Zeta function according to Riemann - Willem Pranger - 8 Feb 2013

  5. MATH 41022 / 61022

    ANT ( Dr. M. Coleman )

  6. NumberTheory.pdf

    Alois Pichler

Calculus / Analysis

  1. NUI Galway MA180-2/MA190/MA186 : Semester 2 Calculus, 2012/13
  2. Math 24

    Many ( 2000+ ) solved Calculus Problems

  3. Real Analysis (73 lectures)
  4. How Euler Did It, by Ed Sandifer

    MAA Column

  5. Vector Calculus Book
  6. Resources


  1. Cantor's first set theory article
  2. Manifolds: A Gentle Introduction
  3. Zariski Topology
  4. Mumford’s treasure map
  5. π-Base
  6. The Fundamental Group of the Circle, Part 1

    The Fundamental Group of the Circle, Part 1/6

Abstract Algebra

  1. The Birkhoff Problem
  2. Goodman - Algebra
  3. Finitely-generated modules over a principal ideal domain
  4. Group Representation Theory
  5. Linear Algebra

    Open Source Textbook

  6. Problems in Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics

  1. Permutation Puzzles
  2. Exploring Discrete Mathematics Using Mathematica
  3. How to think in graphs: An illustrative introduction to Graph Theory and its applications

Category Theory

  1. Category Theory in Context

    Emily Riehl's book ( free PDF version )

  2. Logical Methods in Computer Science
  3. Theory and Applications of Categories
  4. Category Theory

Mathematical Logic

  1. Mathematical Logic

    Technical Notes by Helmut Schwichtenberg

  2. Archive of Formal Proofs
  3. Mathematical Components
  4. leanprover-community/mathlib
  5. Formal Abstracts

    Towards a Google Earth of Mathematics...


  1. Biohacking - The Beginner’s Guide (Top 7 Hacks!)


  1. VizieR
  2. Stellarium Astronomy Software
  3. Science Mission Directorate
  4. Susskind's Cosmology Lectures
  5. David Butler's Cosmology Videos

Theoretical Physics

  1. Einstein's Field Equations

    for beginners - 2 hour video

  2. A Project to Find the Fundamental Theory of Physics
  3. Mysteries of Modern Physics

    Lecture by Sean Carroll - Caltech

  4. LPPFusion

    Did the Big Bang really happen?

  5. Convert just about anything to anything else

    Instant units conversion

Top 10 Mathematics Blogs


= Under Review = ( Ranking is difficult )

  1. Terence Tao

    Graduate level & research topics. - ( Was Charlie Eppes modeled after Terence Tao or Noam Elkies?! )

  2. Stephen Wolfram

    Blog from the inventor of Mathematica.

  3. Boxing Pythagoras

    Ideas on a wide range of topics, from Algebra to Zoroastrianism. So not a math blog per se.

  4. Mathigon | World of Mathematics

    The Textbook of the Future.

  5. The Map of Mathematics

  6. Aeon | a world of ideas

    More than mathematics but worthwile.

Other Math Blogs ( Active )


=== Under Review ===

  1. Gowers's Weblog

    So... all rather graduate stuff.

  2. neverendingbooks

    Lieven le Bruyn mathematician by day (noncommutative geometry), blogger by night.

  3. Yet Another Mathblog

    David Joyner's blog

  4. Infinity is Really Big

    Bill Kinney's Blog on Mathematics, Baby Rudin, Applications, Life, and Christian Faith

  5. Toby Hendy Physics Girl

    Mostly Links to Video. Sometimes she does "Bob Ross".

  6. Bounded Rationality

    "This is the place where I ( Brian Keng ) write about all things technical."

Other Math Blogs ( InActive )


=== Under Review ===

  1. Dual spaces, dual vectors and dual basis

    ? Inactive

  2. Ken's Blog

    ? Inactive

  3. Understanding Riemann Hypothesis

    ? Inactive

  4. Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere

    ? Inactive


  1. Project Euler
  2. Codeforces
  3. GeeksforGeeks | A computer science portal for geeks
  4. Code Golf

Study Atmospherics

  1. Motivating Noise



Open Access only...

  1. My Favorite Theorem — Kevin Knudson

Math Competitions

  1. Polish Mathematical Olympiad 2020
  2. International olympiad for school students in mathematics
  3. International Mathematical Olympiad
  4. pen-20070711.pdf
  5. International Mathematical Olympiad
  6. Online Results

Resources for Mathematics Teachers

  1. Absorb Learning
  2. Planet Calc

    A zoo of online calculators

  3. Problems in Mathematics
  4. 2021: International Math Bee

    Mathematics Tournament

  5. Discord - A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities
  6. Ross Mathematics Program

Wiskunde leraren NL

  1. Overzicht voor VWO Leerlingen
  2. Gratis wiskunde uitlegvideo's - Wiskunde Academie
  3. Grammatica NL
  4. Zwartboek Rekenonderwijs
  5. Mastermath
  6. KWG

Prototypes for Self-study Math Plans


This category is still in development

  1. Bethel University

Top 10 Video Lectures


In order of rating. - Ten recommended, complete and coherent, or otherwise unique, series.

  1. Bill Kinney

    #1 - Full undergraduate program + courses on financial mathematics ( Kinney uses Mathematica )

  2. James Cook

    #2 - Full undergraduate program ( incl. a course based on the book Naive Lie Theory by J.Stillwell )

  3. NPTEL PHASE 2 - Courses.

    #3 - A selection of undergraduate and graduate courses; what courses don't they have?

  4. Numberphile

    Many beautiful short talks and demos about a math topic.

  5. 3Blue1Brown

    Recreational Math Short Videos

  6. Introduction to Calculus

    Interactive Online Video Course: Wolfram U - Based on Mathematica

Video Lecture Series

  1. Eliott Nicholson (formerly Ben Garside ?)

    Medical Doctor/Mathematician's videos about medicine and mathematics. Gems included!

  2. Mathologer

    Short Topics; Note the 600K subscribers!

  3. Jim Fowler

    Excellent video "series" ;-) Fun to watch. Enjoy!

  4. Sonali Singh
  5. Eigenchris

    Courses on Tensor Analysis

  6. Zach Star

Pre-Calculus Videos

  1. Brian McLogan

    College Math Videos

  2. PatrickJMT

    All Pre-Algebra

  3. Mario's Math Tutoring

Calculus Videos

  1. Dr Chris Tisdell

    Short topic based videos.

  2. Professor Leonard

    Lecture Series on Calculus 1,2,3 and DE's.

  3. Winston Ou

    Undergraduate Calculus, Analysis, Linear Algebra

  4. Donny Lee

    Short videos on mostly calculus and analysis

  5. ProfRobBob

    Including Pre-Calculus

  6. Math 53: Multivariable Calculus (Fall 2009, UC Berkeley)

Videos Complex Analysis

  1. Jensen's Formula and Hadamard Theorem
  2. Advanced Complex Analysis - Part 1 - YouTube
  3. Imaginary Numbers are Real
  4. Mandelbrot Set

    Talk from a Christian perspective

  5. Complex Analysis

    Complex Analysis by Prof. P. A. S. Sree

  6. Adam Glesser Complex Analysis

    Video lectures

Number Theory Videos

  1. Rings of Integers in Quadratic and Cyclotomic Fields
  2. A short course on Modular Forms

    Ram Murty lectures

  3. Introduction to Analytic Number Theory

    Ram Murty lectures

  4. Introduction to Elliptic Curves

    CTNT 2016 - "Introduction to Elliptic Curves" by Alvaro Lozano-Robledo

  5. Introduction to Modular Forms - Part 1 of 8

    By Keith Conrad

  6. Number Theory 15/16

Graduate Level Videos

  1. Riemann Surfaces and Algebraic Curves

    48 video lectures

  2. Manifolds
  3. Manifolds, Diff. Geometry
  4. Daniel Chan

    Various grad videos, i.e. tensor products, manifolds.

  5. Group Representation Theory

    22 lectures

  6. Richard E. Borcherds

    Graduate Lecture Series

People B

  1. Carlo Beenakker

    Physics Professor - Leiden University

  2. Karim Belabas

    Prof. Math / Number Theory; cur. devl. of the PARI/GP number theory C library

  3. Richard Borcherds

    'Guy of the Monster Group', Fields Medalist and what not...

People C

  1. Nicholas Camacho
  2. David Cardon's Home Page

    "Matrices related to Dirichlet Series" & works @ BYU.

  3. Dr Coleman's Home Page

    Sr. Lecturer ANT - Manchester ( Alan Turing Building )

  4. Keith Conrad
  5. User James S. Cook

    Mathematics Professor

  6. Jan van de Craats

People D

  1. Harold G. Diamond

    Emeritus - Number Theorist

  2. Floris van Doorn
  3. Taylor Dupuy's Math Vlog
  4. Taylor Dupuy

People E

  1. Jesse Elliott

    Analytic Number Theorist

  2. Thomas Ernst

    q-Calculus expert Uppsala University.

  3. Jan-Hendrik Evertse

People F

  1. Eberhard Freitag

People G

  1. Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis
  2. Simone Gold


  3. Timothy Gowers

    Brit. and Sir.

  4. Andrew Granville's Home Page
  5. Mark Gross

    He would like you to know that he had his house renovated.

People H

  1. Dr. K. P. Hart

    A mathematician ( who teaches at TU Delft ).

  2. Allen Hatcher


  3. Russ Herman

    Several book-length course notes

  4. AJ Hildebrand

    Professor Emeritus University of Illinois

  5. Alexander Hulpke

    GAP Expert

  6. Greg Hurst

    Mathematician, Programmer, Author "Apostol Solutions"

People K

  1. User kglr

    Top 0.1% MMa Expert - Prefers to keep an air of mystery about them. - Who is HE/SHE?

  2. Bill Kinney

    Professor; Mathematica User

  3. Oliver Knill Homepage
  4. Alexander Konovalov

    GAP SCSCP/OpenMath

  5. Tom Koornwinder

    Special Functions sujet

  6. Dimitris Koukoulopoulos

    Associate Professor Montreal - Number Theorist

People L

  1. LMS Journals - Landau
  2. Lemhoff
  3. Daniel Lichtblau

    Mathematica Kernel programmer

  4. Steve Linton

    GAP SCSCP/OpenMath

  5. David Loeffler

    "Just don't believe everything you read on MathWorld."

  6. Dirk Lorenz

People M

  1. Lilit Martirosyan


  2. B.J. Meulenbroek - TU Delft OCW

    Professor Mathematics

  3. Hugh L. Montgomery

    Number Theorist of repute.

  4. Ram Murty

    Probably my favorite contemporary mathematician.

People N

  1. Jesper Nederlof.

    Discrete math person; algorithmic stuff

  2. Will Nicholes

People P

  1. Ilya Piatetski-Shapiro
  2. Paul Pollack

    Number Theorist.

  3. Jose William Porras

    Claims to have solved the Collatz conjecture

People R

  1. Emily Riehl

    Why did she surrender to a safe topic like Category Theory?

People S

  1. Maxie D. Schmidt -- Georgia Tech

    Number Theorist who likes combinatorics

  2. Karen E. Smith

    More feminist than mathematician.

  3. Jose Sousa

    Number Theorist ( ? )

  4. William Stein's Homepage

    Programmer, mathematician, skater. - "Author" of books written by his students.

People T

  1. Paul Taylor - Foundations of Mathematics and Computation
  2. Gérald Tenenbaum

    Mr. Big

  3. Audrey Terras

People V

  1. User Sjoerd C. de Vries

    TNO, Rabo; EU/NL

  2. Bob Vaughan's Home Page
  3. Roland van der Veen

People W

  1. DLMF: Peter L. Walker

    Editor DLMF Theta Functions, etc.

  2. Matthew Watkins
  3. Ian Wright
  4. Edward Witten

    Are theoretical physicists specialized in String Theory physicists or applied mathematicians?

People Y

  1. Qiaochu Yuan

    Heavy Math.SE contributor

People Z

  1. Don Zagier

    Number Theorist; List of his papers, books.

  2. Daniel Zwillinger

    Editor of Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae

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