Public Health Topics

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  1. NBER Papers on Health Economics
  2. National Equity Atlas
  3. Agenda 2020
  4. Social Programs That Work
  5. CityHealth
  6. Alma Ata Declaration

Obesity, Nutrition, Physical Activity

  1. Youth Compendium of Physical Activities
  2. ESHE Index
  3. Framingham Heart Study
  4. USDA Food Composition Database
  5. Every Body Walk! Collaborative Social Justice Toolkit
  6. Preventing Chronic Disease

Violence & Trauma

  1. The Ekmans' Atlas of Emotion
  2. Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Center on Family Violence
  3. Edna B. Foa, || Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
  4. Abuse Research
  5. Global Nonviolent Action Database
  6. Mapa da Violência


  1. ACE Surveys
  2. MARC
  3. Hopeworks \'N Camden
  4. Bikers Against Child Abuse International
  5. CA Narratives
  6. ACEs Too High

Drugs & Substance Abuse

  1. Global Drug Survey
  2. Direct-to-consumer advertising
  3. Alcoholism in family systems - Wikipedia
  4. Case management model designed to prevent homelessness
  5. Whoonga
  6. Meth / Cat and Khat – What is The Difference?

Indigenous Health

  1. National Council of Urban Indian Health
  2. National Indian Health Board
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