Qualitative & Participatory Methods

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Qualitative Methods

  1. 10 Distinctive Qualities of Qualitative Research
  2. Eco-map
  3. Online research methods
  4. Basics of Qualitative Research
  5. Frame analysis
  6. Qualitative Research Methods

Participatory Methods

  1. Community Campus Partnerships for Health
  2. Participatory Methods - IDS
  3. Details on the Action Learning Approach
  4. Participatory Action Learning
  5. Tool Overview
  6. Developing and Sustaining Community-Based Participatory Research Partnerships: A Skill ...

Qualitative Data Visualization

  1. Kumu
  2. How to create speedometer/gauge chart in Excel?
  3. Qualitative Data Visualization: The Gauge Diagram
  4. Qualitative Chart Chooser

Software & Programs

  1. QDAP - Qualitative Data Analysis Program
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