Collection Defense

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Civil Procedure


These laws govern the presentation and argumentation of the case.

  1. Ill COMP STAT § 2-612 : Illinois Statute - Section 2-612

    Insufficient pleadings

  2. Ill COMP STAT § 2-615 : Illinois Statute - Section 2-615
  3. Civil Procedure Illinois Statute - Section 2-617

Counter Claims

  1. Statute of Limitations
  2. Definition of Fraud

    Pay attention to extrinsic and constructive

  3. Aiding and Abetting Client Fra ud or Fiduciary Breaches; Lawyer Participation in Civi...

    Page 17

  4. Statute of Frauds definition of what it is

Affirmative Defenses

  1. Securitization
  2. When Can Foreclosing Lenders Be Accused Of Acting In Bad Faith?
  3. Elements of Consumer Fraud
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