Collection Defense

Civil Procedure


These laws govern the presentation and argumentation of the case.

  1. Ill COMP STAT § 2-612 : Illinois Statute - Section 2-612

    Insufficient pleadings

  2. Ill COMP STAT § 2-615 : Illinois Statute - Section 2-615
  3. Civil Procedure Illinois Statute - Section 2-617

Search Results


These hold information relevant to the case beyond the search term itself

  1. Papers Unlimited v. Park, 253 Ill. App. 3d - Google Search
  2. filing complaints serving process ordinary conduct of business illinois case law - Google Search
  3. tort of deceit illinois - Google Search
  4. schindler and joyce - Google Search

Counter Claims

  1. Statute of Limitations
  2. Definition of Fraud

    Pay attention to extrinsic and constructive

  3. Aiding and Abetting Client Fra ud or Fiduciary Breaches; Lawyer Participation in Civil Conspiracy

    Page 17

  4. Statute of Frauds definition of what it is

Affirmative Defenses

  1. Elements of Consumer Fraud
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