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Choral Repertoire

  1. Home Page BriLee
  2. DON'T PANIC: a guide for conductors of small choirs - ChoralNet
  3. Repertoire Forum | Choral Director Magazine

Music Literacy

  1. How to read music - Tim Hansen | TED-Ed

Repertoire Background info

  1. True Story of "Goin' Home"
  2. Going Home, Dvorak’s Largo, Harlem Lyric Theater & Opera Co. on Vimeo

Robes and Concert Attire

  1. Custom Choir Robes, Choir Gowns, Choir Stoles, Tunics and Overlays since 1979.
  2. School Choir Robes
  3. Browse Choir Robes by Style, Information
  4. Murphy Robes - Choral Attire

Music Theory & Ear Training

  1. Chord Ear Training
  2. Noteflight
  3. Music Education Software | Music Prodigy
  4. Interval Identification
  5. Ricci Adams'
  6. Interval Ear Training
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    Jade Bender (follows this board) · almost 8 years ago

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