RE, Hacking, and Security

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RE/Security Labs and Companies

  1. Cylance
  2. CryptoExperts - We Innovate to Secure your Business
  3. Ptacek blog
  4. White Ops | Company
  5. Trail of Bits
  6. NCC Group - Matasano and others

Malware Analysis

  1. Hacking Team RCS Analysis - 4ARMED
  2. RAT analysis and RE
  3. Python RAT decoders


  2. [CTF] Fire Eye - FlareOn 2015 (Challenges 1-3)
  3. Fe-ddis Application Challenges
  4. - Crackmes database
  5. ARTeam Crackmes
Comments or thoughts?
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  3. Karen101 · almost 3 years ago

    Transparency is the key in business and human dealings, i got email, on here thinking that he was one of these fakers but to my surprise he turned out to be the realest i have ever met, i hired him for two different jobs and he did both perfectly. If you are still contacting unethical and fake hackers then you will be a clown after seeing me drop this comment about a true hacker..Goodbye……

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