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Let's build an interpreter

  1. Let's Build a Simple Interpreter, Part 1 (10 part series)

Let's Build a Webserver and How Browsers Work

  1. HTTP Made Really Easy
  2. What really happens when you navigate to a URL
  3. How the Web works
  4. How Browsers Work: Behind the scenes of modern web browsers
  5. Let’s Build A Web Server. Part 3.
  6. Let’s Build A Web Server. Part 2.

To Read

  1. Visualizing Algorithms
  2. New bookmark
  3. HTML & CSS Is Hard
  4. debugging-zine.pdf
  5. Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart
  6. Losing Iraq

Graphics and Rendering

  1. The Book of Shaders
  2. The lost art of 3D rendering without shaders
  3. melling/ComputerGraphics
  4. Casual Introduction to Low-Level Graphics Programming
  5. Introduction to Ray Tracing: a Simple Method for Creating 3D Images
  6. Ray Tracing in One Weekend

Computer Security

  1. Reverse Engineering Malware 101
  2. Writing my first shellcode
  3. The Matasano Crypto Challenges (Cryptopals)

Machine Learning and Data Science

  1. All of Andrew Ng's machine learning class in Python
  2. Coding The Matrix (Linear Algebra applied to programming)
  3. Learn Data Science with Python Notebooks

Database Learning

  1. PostgreSQL Exercises
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