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World building


Links and resources as well as direct access to World Anvil pages

  1. Theme Catalog in World Anvil Codex | World Anvil

To-do if bored!


There's always something that needs to be done...

  1. World Anvil Worldbuilding tools & RPG Campaign Manager | World Anvil
  2. (283) Pinterest
  3. Freesound - Freesound
  4. Coursera - Free Online Courses From Top Universities | Coursera
  5. After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage for Post Production Professionals
  6. Home - Skillshare



Images, resources, meshes, gesture websites, etc.

  1. Discover and share the world's best photos / 500px
  2. linestorm writing • Posts Tagged ‘characterization’
  3. Worldbuilding: the Master Guide (with Template)
  4. Belle Epoque Wedding Dress - Google Search
  5. The Adventure Zone (Podcast) - TV Tropes
  6. Took a Level in Badass - TV Tropes



Drawing and animating, 2D specifically.

  1. (785) Pinterest
  2. I LOVE Models Management – NEWfaces
  3. Anatomy of the Pelvis | Proko
  4. Back to Basics: The Rule of Thirds and Filmmaking
  5. The Flying Animator
  6. Walk Cycle Animation Tutorial

Story-boarding, Blogging and Writing


collection of links and references for writing, story ideas, prompts, blogs, etc.

  1. Free Online Graph Paper / Storyboard Paper
  2. How To Write A Novel Using The Snowflake Method
  3. Boards | Trello
  4. Magic Powers CYOA - Album on Imgur
  5. Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions - SFWA
  6. Nyx - Wikipedia

3-D (Maya-focus)


Autodesk links for 3-D. Specifically focused on Maya education and instruction.

  1. HDRIs | HDRI Haven
  2. sIBL Archive
  3. free max mode leaf season tree
  4. free bicycle parking rack 3d model
  5. max sofa
  6. 3dTotal
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