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Quests - To do

  1. [rec: 100+] The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest - Tibia Wiki

    Item de montaria do Gravedigger\

  2. The Elemental Spheres Quest
  3. [rec:80+] Meriana Quest

    Acesso a Nargor e Pirate Outfit

  4. [rec:80+] Threatened Dreams Quest
  5. [rec:80+] Banuta's Secret Tunnel Quest

    Acesso a Banuta mais rápido

  6. In Service of Yalahar Quest

    Team com 10 pessoas pra última mission

Quests - Doing

  1. [rec: 100+] Oramond Quest

    300 pontos -- Doubleday Task

  2. [40-110] Blood Brothers Quest

    Abre Vengoth (hunt Werewolf)

  3. [100+] The Inquisition Quest

Quests - Done

  1. [40+] Koshei The Deathless Quest
  2. The Blessed Stake Quest

    Dá Blessed Wooden Stake - faz Vampire Dust e Demon Dust

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