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Media Adaptation Class

  1. A Haunted House
  2. The Gift of the Magi
  3. 'The Gift of the Magi,' by O. Henry

Writing for Games Class

  1. Our Games- choice games
  2. The Evolution of the Most Iconic Battle in Star Wars Games
  3. Transmedia Storytelling
  4. ‎TextWrangler
  5. Advanced Choicescript
  6. Writing with ChoiceScript

Jobs/Internships for writers

  1. Internships - Warner Bros. Careers
  2. Sony Pictures Entertainment
  3. Paramount Internships
  4. CBS Casting -
  5. Drama Development Intern - Fall 2018 in Studio City, California, United States
  6. NBCUniversal Careers

Robert Johnson Blues Life

  1. Robert Johnson song lyrics
  2. Meet Robert Johnson’s guitar teacher.
  3. What Every Small Town In Mississippi Had In The 1930s. It Was A Simpler Time.



JULY 2018

  1. 30 Amazing Free Paper Texture Backgrounds
  2. Black Microphone Windscreen
  3. Branding Yourself as a Writer | WriteYourScreenplay
  4. Branding for Writers: An Essential Step to Building Your Author Platform
  5. 6 Branding Tips for Writers and Authors by Nina Amir
  6. Abilities: Written Expression

Louie Armstrong


sites for research for my screenplay

  1. The Lost Sights and Sounds of Storyville, New Orleans’s Red Light District
  2. Louis Armstrong traveling on Ferry Boats and the world
  3. Jazz Culture: The 1920s
  4. Louis Armstrong and the Colored Waif’s Home for Boys - JAZZIZ Magazine
  5. Louis Armstrong - Satchmo (1 of 8)
  6. The sad story of Clarence Armstrong

Groups and clubs

  1. The Atlanta Writers Club
  2. The Atlanta Screenwriters Group

Cool Screenwriting Websites

  1. Home - The Script Lab
  2. Industrial Scripts ® | Leading Screenplay & Screenwriting Specialists
  3. Scriptwriters Network
  4. Screenwriting Jobs - Screenwriting Staffing
  5. Top Ten Screenwriters in Hollywood
  6. screenwriters in hollywood

Blogs and Editorials


about Scriptwriting

  1. Character Want and Need
  2. Tips for screenwriters and filmmakers -Noam Kroll
  3. - scriptwriter for Case for Christ, Touched by an Angel
  4. Three Current Trends in Screenwriting
  5. Syd Field | Screenwriting, Workshops & Webinars, Books & Apps
  6. The Bitter Script Reader



Scriptwriting mags

  1. Creative Screenwriting - "The Best Magazine for Screenwriters"
  2. Fadeinonline
  3. Screenwriter Magazine
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