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Louie Armstrong


sites for research for my screenplay

  1. Louis Armstrong and the Colored Waif’s Home for Boys - JAZZIZ Magazine
  2. Louis Armstrong - Satchmo (1 of 8)
  3. The sad story of Clarence Armstrong
  4. Clarence 'Hatfield' Armstrong (1915-1998)...
  5. - My Louis Armstrong blogs
  6. Sharon Preston-Folta Says She’s Louis Armstrong’s Daughter

Groups and clubs

  1. The Atlanta Writers Club
  2. The Atlanta Screenwriters Group

Youtube on screenwriting

  1. Quentin Tarantino's Top 10 Rules For Success
  2. Why Most People Fail At Screenwriting by John Truby

Competitions and such

  1. Diverse Voices - WeScreenplay
  2. Grants | FundsforWriters
  3. The Tracking-Board
  4. Southern Shorts Awards
  5. Competitions - The Script Lab

Cool Screenwriting Websites

  1. Home - The Script Lab
  2. Industrial Scripts ® | Leading Screenplay & Screenwriting Specialists
  3. Scriptwriters Network
  4. Screenwriting Jobs - Screenwriting Staffing
  5. Top Ten Screenwriters in Hollywood
  6. screenwriters in hollywood

Blogs and Editorials


about Scriptwriting

  1. Character Want and Need
  2. Tips for screenwriters and filmmakers -Noam Kroll
  3. - scriptwriter for Case for Christ, Touched by an Angel
  4. Three Current Trends in Screenwriting
  5. Syd Field | Screenwriting, Workshops & Webinars, Books & Apps
  6. The Bitter Script Reader



Scriptwriting mags

  1. Creative Screenwriting - "The Best Magazine for Screenwriters"
  2. Fadeinonline
  3. Screenwriter Magazine
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