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Framer Templates

  1. Framer - Free Resources

Experience Mapping

  1. DIY Experience Map | UX Lady

Code Templates

  1. HTML5 Game Engines - Find Which is Right For You
  2. Outdated Browser

Principle Templates

  1. Parallax Scroll Template - MaterialUp

Sketch Plugins

  1. iPhone X Clay - iOSUp

    iphone x, mockup, sketch

  2. 💎 Everything about Sketch 47 Libraries – prototypr
  3. Auto Layout for Sketch - Responsive Design for Designers

Process Templates

  1. How to Stop UX Research being a Blocker – Muzli -Design Inspiration
  2. Inquiry Cycle: Why, What and How? – Making Good Humans

    education, research, discovery, analysis, process, template

Method Cards

  1. Start a User Experience Revolution with User Centric Culture Cards
  2. Your Empathy Toolbox: Ensuring you design a product your users will need
  3. Tips on Recruiting Participants for Qualitative Studies - WATTx
  4. UX Design Kit – All in one UX Design Toolkit

    design kit, design principles, design methods, toolkit

  5. Hyper Island Toolbox

    design toolkit, ux, design principles, design methods

  6. AC4D Design Library

    design library, toolkit, design princples, ux, design methods

Design Presentation

  1. Marvel + Dropbox Paper - Bring design and spec documents to life - Marvel Blog

    marvel, dropbox paper, interactive prototypes, specification documents, design presentation

  2. MockUPhone
  3. Free Mockup Generator | Placeit
  4. Generate Product Mockups For Free
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