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Shakespeare Links

  1. Stagecraft | Theatre Links
  2. Henry IV :: Life and Times :: Internet Shakespeare Editions
  3. Genre: Western - The Script Lab
  4. Shakespearean Verse and Prose
  5. Shakespeare's Sources for Henry V
  6. History of Henry IV, Part I :|: Open Source Shakespeare

Current Content

  1. UnderstandingPrejudice.org: Teacher's Corner - College Classroom Activities
  2. Clearer Writing Home Page
  3. Perspective - Point of View - the living handbook of narratology
  4. Speech Topics
  5. 664 Good Persuasive Speech Topics

Current Other

  1. AWR Competitions
  2. Philosothon website
  3. Spellmasters Links
  4. Student Competitions & Challenges - Aussie Educator
  5. Ethics Olympiad
  6. How to Use Apple Configurator - Snapguide

Professional Development

  1. Centre for PL& D
  2. Home - TTA PD&L
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