Learning: Illustrator

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Illustrator Basics


Learning the program, selection of tutorials covering the essential tools. Ordered progressively to learn step by step

  1. An Introduction to Illustrator's Color Tools

    Color-tools, setting/choosing color

  2. All About Transformation in Adobe Illustrator

    Transform Objects

  3. A Comprehensive Guide to the Pathfinder Panel

    Cut & merge Objects

  4. The Basics of Clipping Paths and Opacity Masks

    Mask Objects

  5. Illustrator’s Pen Tool: The Comprehensive Guide

    Create Custom Paths

  6. Illustrator Pen tool exercises | Veerle's blog 3.0

    More in-depth excercise sheet to school your feeling for editing bezier curves



Tutorials that just have you create "the tutorial image", but do teach you good stuff & convenient practices along the way

  1. How to Create a Pokémon Themed Icon Pack in Adobe Illustrator
  2. How to Create Easy Kawaii Animals in Adobe Illustrator
  3. How to Create a Floral Anchor Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

In Depth Learning


Advanced theory and concrete techniques. Tutorials Focusing on a realworld workflow, routine or explaining a certain practice.

  1. Orthographic projection and isometric drawing tutorial
  2. Vector illustration tutorial on drawing hoses and wires.
  3. Vector illustration tutorial on drawing nuts, bolts and screws.
  4. Vector Illustration tutorial on drawing gears in Adobe Illustrator.
  5. Speed Design with Illustrator. 14 tips to create interfaces in minutes

    many neat little tricks quickly

  6. SVG for the Web: Using the Simplify Panel in Illustrator CC | Companion Videos for Insp...

Theory & Techniques


Illustration theory and general understanding of vector graphics not aimed at adobe illustrator in particuliar

  1. Perspective drawing basics: 1-point, 2-point and 3-point perspective
  2. 2-point perspective tutorial on creating a simple perspective grid.
  3. 3 point perspective tutorial.
  4. Foreshortening perspective tutorial on creating equal receding divisions.
  5. Perspective ellipse drawing tutorial with Adobe Illustrator.



Must-have assets & tools, sources for content or scripts

  1. SubScribe - Astute Graphics

    free plugin, useful additional tools

  2. Adobe Illustrator plug-ins to speed up workflow from Astute Graphics

    paid plugins, some are VERY useful

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