Payment processing

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Left off - resources

  1. Zip Code API - A RedLine13 Service
  2. PayPal FAQ - Wisenet Resources
  3. Connection failure to PayPal PayFlow Pro

    Scroll to bottom for how it should be done

  4. Lockbox-stack/Lockbox
  5. handshake_failure from grails app

    My solution was based on this.

  6. java.lang.ClassCastException:

    I had this error. This was the solution

Paypal SSL


Issues with TSL1.2 REQUIREMENT

  1. Foundation-for-June-2017-TLS-1.2-Upgrade-5.4.16.pdf
  2. Does Tomcat support TLS v1.2?
  3. Paypal - Failed to connect to host Input Server Uri =

    Java_opts -Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1.2

  4. Why did I get result code -1?
  5. Does Tomcat support TLS v1.2?
  6. TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 Upgrade - PayPal

ACH PAC - Grails

  1. Wslite plugin
  2. jwagenleitner/groovy-wslite

ACH PAC Node.js

  1. WSClient plugin
  3. Wslite plugin
  4. SOAP Request using nodejs
  5. Node.js: how to consume SOAP XML web service

Payflow examples

  1. #145 Integrating Active Merchant
  2. Paypal Payflowpro example with token
  3. PayPal Integration in Rails through Express checkout
  4. Rank Blog - Integration of Paypal into your Rails application

    Same as above - i think

Which paypal payments api?

  1. Payflow Gateway

    See table at bottom. Shows legacy and current

  2. Which PayPal API should I use for payments?
  3. PayPal Product By Country
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