Payment processing

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Left off - resources

  1. Zip Code API - A RedLine13 Service
  2. PayPal FAQ - Wisenet Resources
  3. Connection failure to PayPal PayFlow Pro

    Scroll to bottom for how it should be done

  4. Lockbox-stack/Lockbox
  5. handshake_failure from grails app

    My solution was based on this.

  6. java.lang.ClassCastException:

    I had this error. This was the solution

Paypal SSL


Issues with TSL1.2 REQUIREMENT

  1. Foundation-for-June-2017-TLS-1.2-Upgrade-5.4.16.pdf
  2. Does Tomcat support TLS v1.2?
  3. Paypal - Failed to connect to host Input Server Uri =

    Java_opts -Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1.2

  4. Why did I get result code -1?
  5. Does Tomcat support TLS v1.2?
  6. TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 Upgrade - PayPal

ACH PAC - Grails

  1. Wslite plugin
  2. jwagenleitner/groovy-wslite

ACH PAC Node.js

  1. WSClient plugin
  3. Wslite plugin
  4. SOAP Request using nodejs
  5. Node.js: how to consume SOAP XML web service

Payflow examples

  1. #145 Integrating Active Merchant
  2. Paypal Payflowpro example with token
  3. PayPal Integration in Rails through Express checkout
  4. Rank Blog - Integration of Paypal into your Rails application

    Same as above - i think

Which paypal payments api?

  1. Payflow Gateway

    See table at bottom. Shows legacy and current

  2. Which PayPal API should I use for payments?
  3. PayPal Product By Country


  1. How to implement PayPal recurring payment using PayPal Payflow Hosted pages ? Not using...
  2. Payflow Recurring Billing Service User’s Guide
  3. Express Checkout with Payflow Gateway - Basic integration
  4. Hosted pages - toke via httpRequest

    Good example at bottom of page

  5. What are Reference Transactions (tokenization)?
  6. How to implement PayPal recurring payment using PayPal Payflow Hosted pages

    See bottom for how to. Also link to docs is

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