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Essential Catalogue


Put sites with excellent lists of related companies here

  1. Wills, Trusts, and Technology - Corrections and Additions
  2. List of Trust-related Associations



Put links to any competitors here

  1. Inevitable Exodus

    Provides estate administration binders and CDs direct to funeral homes. In biz for 15 yrs.

  2. Everplans
  3. Executor.org | Manage the executor process
  4. EstateExec
  5. Estate Map
  6. Software for Estate Planning & Probate Practices - Smokeball

Related Sites (Potentially Competitive)

  1. Estate Docs Pro

    A lawyer in phoenix pointed us at it. Is wills and trust kit. They need something else to sell.

  2. Canadian Legal Wills

    Really likes what quickestate is doing... Wants a relationship with us.

  3. Estate Planning Books & Software - Comparison Chart - AllLaw.com
  4. Estate Planning Software for Attorneys - Practical Planning System
  5. Estate Planning Software & Trust Software for Attorneys - WealthCounsel
  6. Fore! Trust Software: assemble living trusts and wills

BLOGS & Associations (People we NEED to know)

  1. Estate Law Canada

    Is in NFLD - does great work. Need to connect.

  2. National Association of Estate Planning Attorneys
  3. Estate Planning Smarts ::: Deborah L. Jacobs



Handy links for development to pass along

  1. User Experience Research Platform

    Crowd-sourced UX test platform. Super inexpensive. Can get granular in recruiting survey.

  2. Designers Compete for your Business

    This is an inexpensive way to do logo, site layout, etc.

  3. Web Design Competition - (Canadian Version)

    People compete to do a design for you

  4. Dribbble

    Find designers

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