Coxswain Recordings

Elite Coxswains

  1. USA Men’s 8+ with Steve Young
  2. Mary Whipple Milan World Cup Heat 2003 (Coxswain Recording)
  3. Mary Whipple Low Rate Practice 2003 + USA 4x (Coxswain Recording)
  4. Mary Whipple Low Rate Practice 2003 (Coxswain Recording)

    Mary Whipple, 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist, 2008 & 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist

  5. Chelsea Lucas 2008 World Championships USRowing Junior National Team (Coxswain recording)

    Chelsea Lucas, coxed for Marin, Cal Berkeley, and the USA Jr. National Team

  6. Olympic Sounds: Boat Race Coxes

    Liz Box (Cambridge) and Sam Winter-Levy (Oxford)

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