Resources for Addressing White Nonsense

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Social Media


social media, meme, trend, hashtag

  1. We Need to Talk About Digital Blackface in Reaction GIFs

    social media, AAVE, representation, appropriation

Gentrification and Land Use


land use, local community, development, colonialism, housing

  1. Three things you need to know to get land-use woke – Greater Greater Washington

Privilege, Racism 101

  1. Yes, You Can Measure White Privilege

    study, statistics, visual aid, education, 101, economics, employment

  2. Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person... | OCCUPY WALL STREET

    poverty, economic, reverse racism, 101

  3. There Is No Middle Ground Between Racism And Justice

    Ijeoma Oluo, tone policing, both sides, devil's advocate, derailing

  4. The Ultimate White Privilege Statistics & Data Post

    statistics, study, white fragility, 101

  5. Why Black Lives Matter Won’t Go Away: a Primer on Systemic Racism in America

    #blacklivesmatter, 101, white privilege

  6. Brené Brown - We need to keep talking about Charlottesville.

    Video, social media, poverty, white fragility, white allyship

Poverty, Economic Justice, Education, Housing, Healthcare

  1. The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates - The Atlantic

    reparations, slavery, systemic racism, jim crow, history, economic justice

  2. Study: Poor Kids Who Believe in Meritocracy Suffer - The Atlantic

    education, poverty, study, statistics, white supremacy, institutional racism, children

  3. Wealth Inequalities | Urban Institute

    institutional racism, pay gap, wage gap, poverty, millennials

  4. Black poverty differs from white poverty - The Washington Post

    poverty, economics, institutional racism, families, income gap, wage gap

  5. Mapping Inequality - New Deal Housing Inequality

    institutional racism, housing, segregation, families, economics, data, statistics, visual aid

  6. How Free Eyeglasses Are Boosting Test Scores in Baltimore - POLITICO Magazine

Anti-Oppression Activists, Allyship, Protests, Methods and Tactics


anti-racism, white allyship, allyship, reflection

  1. Protesters Blocking Traffic Is A Modern Reminder Of This Segregation Tool

    protesting, #blacklivesmatter, organizing, history

  2. A Anti-Racist Checklist Survey For Allies

    anti-racism, allyship, white allyship, self-reflection

  3. Why highways have become the center of civil rights protest - The Washington Post

    protests, block traffic, tactics, #blacklivesmatter

  4. America Needs to Listen to What Colin Kaepernick Is Actually Trying to Say | The Nation

    kaepernick, sports, silent protest, national anthem, tone policing, tactics

  5. How To Do Intersectionality - Rinku Sen

    intersectionality, anti-racism, self-reflection, privilege, allyship

  6. Staying in Your Lane: A White Person’s Guide for White People – Lucy Writes

    White allyship, white fragility, anti-racism, activism

Alt-Right, Nazis and Fascism

  1. Why white people are quiet about nazis. — I am Erin Brown

    nazism, alt-right, white fragility, white allyship

  2. Hate Map | Southern Poverty Law Center

    hate groups, neo-nazis, KKK, visual aid, statistics, SPLC, alt-right

  3. No, the White Supremacists Aren’t Looking for Attention -

    tactics, derailing, alt-right, white supremacy

  4. Best of the Left Podcast #1127 White supremacy requires violence and there is more to c...

    alt-right, nazism, white allyship, activism, white supremacy, podcast, audio, BOTL

  5. The Alt-Right Tipping Point - The Atlantic

    radicalization, hate groups, charlottesville, KKK, violence

  6. The radicalization of white Americans - Vox

    white supremacy, radicalization, kkk, charlottesville, terrorism, white men

Engaging on the Interwebs

  1. Logical Fallacy Referee: Image Gallery | Know Your Meme
  2. Crash Override Network // Online Abuse Helpline And Advocacy Organization

    trolling, reporting abuse, doxxing, harassment

  3. List of fallacies - Wikipedia

    fallacies, generalizations, argument, red herring, equivocation, false dichotomy, ad-hominem

  4. Tone policing - Wikipedia

    white fragility, fallacy, argument, silencing, erasure

  5. How to Protest Without Offending White People
  6. #ReportHate | Southern Poverty Law Center

    harassment, trolls, doxxing, safety, reporting, SPLC

Affirmative Action

  1. When whites are guilty of colorism - The Washington Post
  2. No Jargon Podcast | Affirmative Action (Scholars Strategy Network)

    podcast, statistics, data, reverse racism

  3. White women benefit most from affirmative action — and are among its fiercest opponents...

    white women, white feminism, institutional racism, discrimination, education, supreme court

  4. Can Universities Maintain Diversity without Directly Considering Race in Admissions? | ...

    Fisher v. University of Texas, supreme court, reverse racism, affirmative action

  5. Affirmative Action and the Myth of Reverse Racism

    affirmative action, white supremacy, fallacy, education, supreme court, legal

Transgender Issues, TERF


    TERF, Kat Blaque, video, fallacy, trans, dolezal

  2. There is no comparison between transgender people and Rachel Dolezal | Meredith Talusan...

    TERF, Dolezal, false equivalence, fallacy, trans, transracial, identity

White Feminism (Problematic)

  1. Gloria Steinem And Chelsea Handler Said The One Thing Most White Feminists Are Reluctan...

    white women, derailing, all lives matter, white fragility, centering, feminism

  2. Albemarle County Farm Owner Offers Insight on Race in Viral Face - NBC29 WVIR Charlotte...

    white allyship, white women, colorism, police, fragility

Policy & Legal Issues

  1. Choice of Evils Defenses in Texas: Necessity, Duress, and Public Duty 10 American Journ...
  2. The enormous power of prosecutors - The Washington Post
  3. Race and Class Are the Biggest Issues Around Hurricane Harvey and We Need to Start Talk...

    Hurricane Harvey, disaster, emergency, institutional racism, economic justice, Houston, Flooding

Deaf Translations - Resources


ASL, video

  1. White Fragility: An Introduction - YouTube

    deaf, hearing, translation, white fragility, 101, video

Police Violence and Criminal Justice

  1. Five Myths About Crime in Black America--and the Statistical Truths | Colorlines

    fallacy, myths, black on black crime, whataboutisms #blacklivesmatter

  2. Aren’t more white people than black people killed by police? Yes, but no. - The Washing...

    institutional racism, blue lives matter, fallacy, statistics, visual aid

  3. You can predict how many blacks are killed by police by measuring the racism of whites,...

    implicit bias, #blacklivesmatter, statistics, study

  4. The tyranny of a traffic ticket - Vox

    institutional racism, #blacklivesmatter, data, study, visual aid, implicit bias, police

  5. When Race Tips the Scales in Plea Bargaining | The Marshall Project
  6. Police shootings: Distraught people, deadly results | The Washington Post

    institutional racism, mental illness, power, #blacklivesmatter, implicit bias

Civil War

  1. whoseheritage-timeline150_years_of_iconography.jpg

    SPLC, civil war, heritage not hate, monuments, history, visual aid, civil rights

  2. Why Are There Still So Many Confederate Monuments?

    civil war, monuments, history, enslavement, white supremacy, heritage not hate, confederacy

  3. What This Cruel War Was Over

    civil war, confederacy, history, white supremacy, slavery, heritage not hate

  4. The trouble with ‘heritage, not hate’

    civil war, heritage not hate, confederacy, monuments, history, white supremacy

  5. The Myth of the Kindly General Lee - The Atlantic
  6. The History of the Confederate Battle Flag - The Atlantic

Enslavement (US)

  1. 'Complicity': How the North Profited from Slavery : NPR

    audio, union, civil war, slavery, systemic racism, economics

  2. This Haunting Animation Maps the Journeys of 15,790 Slave Ships in Two Minutes

    slavery, visual aid, map, colonial, history

  3. How Did the Atlantic Slave Trade End?

    slavery, atlantic slave trade, history, visual aid

Media, Journalism & Entertainment


media, representation, MSM, media bias, reporting, local news

  1. Reporting Recipe: Investigating Your Police Department’s Handling of Hate Crime Reports...

    statistics, data, research, usa, hate crimes, criminal justice, media, journalism, local, reporting

  2. When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims | HuffPost

    systemic racism, media representation, "thug" versus "kid"

  3. Why the whiteness of the American media is everyone's problem | Howard W French

    white privilege, representation, colorism, media, implicit bias

  4. How US authors worried over white poverty in 2017 – and forgot about everyone else | Bo...

    media bias, economic insecurity, reporting, journalism, systemic racism

  5. Stop Overreacting, It's Just An Ad for Soap. | HuffPost

    colorism, representation in media, advertising, Dove

  6. Black Latino Teenagers Disappearance DC Media Coverage

    institutional racism, teens, children, law enforcement, media, social media

Content Creators and People to Follow (and Pay!)

  1. This Week in Blackness | #TWIBnation |

    POC, politics, current events, Elon James White, podcast, video

  2. Threads of Solidarity: WOC Against Racism – Medium
  3. Code Switch : NPR

    podcast, audio, 101

  4. Undisclosed Podcast - Addendum Hosted by D. Watkins

    Freddie Gray, #blacklivesmatter, podcast, audio

  5. The DiDi Delgado – Medium
  6. Sex-Positive Feminism, Race, Politics, and Kinky Things

    blog, social media, WOC, intersectional feminism

Immigration, Immigrants, Refugees, Asylees


terrorism, immigration, immigrants

  1. Did My Family Really Come “Legally”? | American Immigration Council

    immigration, #DACA, illegal immigration

  2. Duck and Cover - On the Media

    Podcast, #DACA, immigration, children

  3. Debunking the Myth of Immigrant Criminality: Imprisonment Among First- and Second-Gener...

    immigration, crime, myth, fallacy, statistics, data, visual aid

  4. Illegal Immigrant Men Work at a Higher Rate Than Americans | Money

    immigration, myth, fallcy, statistics, economics, jobs

  5. Immigrants Aren't Stealing American Jobs - The Atlantic

    statistics, economics, jobs, immigration, visual aid

  6. Trump says Syrian refugees aren’t vetted. We are. Here’s what we went through. - The Wa...

    immigration, refugees, crime, myth, fallacy, data, statistics



campuses, protests, trigger warnings, safe spaces, snowflakes, person-first, language

  1. "Free Speech Week" Puts Berkeley Back in the Crosshairs

    Milo Yiannopoulos, Bannon, Coulter, trigger warnings, campus, censorship, alt-right

  2. Second presidential debate: Linguistics explains why Donald Trump sounds racist when he...

    language matters, person-first, microaggressions, "the blacks", "the gays"

  3. Why Donald Trump says “the” before “African Americans” and “Latinos” - Vox
  4. Are Cracker, White Trash, & Redneck Racist? | Decoded | MTV News - YouTube

    cracker, white trash, reverse racism, video

  5. The Secret History Of The Word 'Cracker' : Code Switch : NPR

    cracker, history, reverse racism, audio

  6. ANTHEM PROTESTS: National Fraternal Order of Police issues statement | WBFF

    police violence, FOP, protest, Baltimore

Cultural Appropriation

  1. What’s Wrong with Cultural Appropriation? These 9 Answers Reveal Its Harm

    appropriation, white fragility, fallacy

  2. Eight Rules for White People Who Like Hip-Hop

    appropriation, hip-hop, rap, music, white fragility

  3. 12 Words Black People Invented, And White People Killed | HuffPost

    cultural appropriation, AAVE

  4. Yo, Is This Racist?: 896 Don’t Change the Color of Your Skin for Halloween (w/ Carl Tart)
  5. Cultural Appropriation Is, In Fact, Indefensible

    appropriation, white fragility

  6. Cultural (Mis)Appropriation - in religious celebrations

    appropriation, religion, UU

Native - Indigenous Issues


Native American, Indigenous, appropriation, colonialism

  1. Native Lives Matter — POC Online Classroom

    indigenous, USA, native american., resources, education, syllabus

  2. An Open Letter to Non-Natives in Headdresses | âpihtawikosisân

    cultural appropriation, fragility, native american indian, halloween, costume, art

  3. But Why Can’t I Wear a Hipster Headdress?

    appropriation, native, indigenous, white fragility

Halloween and Holidays

  1. Here's A Reminder Not To Wear Blackface This Halloween (Or Ever) | HuffPost
  2. Yo, Is This Racist?: 896 Don’t Change the Color of Your Skin for Halloween (w/ Carl Tart)
  3. Day of the Dead, Sugar Skulls, and the Question of Cultural Appropriation » Redbubble Blog

    appropriation, mexico, white fragility

  4. Is Your Halloween Costume Racist? - Everyday Feminism

    halloween, appropriation, costume, white fragility

  5. White People, Why Do You Insist On Wearing These Racist Halloween Costumes? - Racism In...

    halloween, appropriation, white fragility, costume, racism

Natural Hair

  1. It's A Slap In The Face When White Women Wear Black Hairstyles

    appropriation, white women, white fragility

  2. Is it ever OK for white people to wear dreadlocks?

    appropriation, white women, white fragility

White Privilege, Fragility, Centering, Derailing

  1. Dear White People: Stop Whitesplaining Martin Luther King, Jr. | The Boeskool

    MLK, Martin Luther King Jr, whitesplaining, fragility, quotes, tactics, activism, protest

  2. White People: I Want You To Understand Yourselves Better

    white allyship, derailing, white fragility, derailing, white supremacy

  3. For White People Who Believe Colorblindness Is Enough | HuffPost

    colorblind, all lives matter, derailing, white supremacy, complicity, white allyship, post-racial

  4. White Fragility: Why It's So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism -

    white allyship, racism, white privilege, centering, derailing

  5. The new threat: 'Racism without racists' - CNN

    fragility, defensiveness, reverse racism, color blindness, ferguson

  6. 7 Unmistakable Signs Your Allyship Is Performative – Reclaiming My Time

    white allyship, microaggressions, centering

Slavery Myths

  1. 5 lies about slavery that we've been taught - RESIST

    fallacy, irish slaves, post-racial, emancipation, myths

  2. The White House Was, in Fact, Built by Slaves | Smart News | Smithsonian

Reverse Racism

  1. Yo, Is This Racist?: 719 Reverse Racism Is Not A Thing (w/ Christina Lee)
  2. 7 reasons why reverse racism doesn't exist | The Daily Dot

    white privilege, derailing, centering, fallacy

  3. The fallacy of "reverse racism" |

    centering, fallacy, reverse racism

  4. The Relativity of Privilege | Change From Within

    denial, 101, intersectionality, poverty, reverse racism, fallacy

  5. 'Reverse Racism' Is A Giant Lie – Here's Why - YouTube

    reverse racism, fallacy, centering, derailing, white privilege, video

Education and Info for Teachers

  1. Raising Race Conscious Children | Resource for Talking About Race & Diversity

    education, teachers, children, curriculum

  2. How White People Subtly Reinforce White Supremacy When They Laugh at Black Names - Ever...

    teachers, "ethnic names" microaggressions

  3. 9 simple ways to talk to kids about race that can help make the world kinder.

    children, education, white allyship, multiracial, teachers, educators

  4. How to Not Accidentally Raise a Racist

    video, education, children, multiculturalism, multi-racial

  5. Yes, Preschool Teachers Really Do Treat Black And White Children Totally Differently

    education, teachers, colorism, institutional racism

  6. Anti-Racism and Restorative Justice Classroom Resources - Google Docs

    compendium, syllabus, curriculum, children, education, history, charlottesville, civil war


  1. Oregon Was Founded As a Racist Utopia

    Portland, US History, white supremacy, Beatrice Morro Cannady, KKK

  2. Women Have Always Been a Part of White Supremacy | Teen Vogue

    white feminism, white women, white supremacy, KKK, alt-right, nazi, confederacy

  3. A Concise History of Black-White Relations in the USA (comic)

    visual aid, slavery, white fragility, oppression, systemic racism

  4. To Be Clear, White Supremacy Is the Foundation of Our Country. It Won’t Be Destroyed by...

    white supremacy, white fragility, history, confederacy, monuments, civil war

  5. 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus: Charles C. Mann: Books
  6. What America Taught the Nazis in the 1930s - The Atlantic

    nazism, history, racism, antisemitism

Women and Girls' Issues, Intersectional Feminism

  1. Black Girls Are Viewed as Less Innocent and More Adultlike Than White Girls: Study

    media, police violence, beauty, anti-black, criminal justice, implicit bias, adultification

  2. Intersectional Feminism 101 | Stuff Mom Never Told You

    podcast, audio, explicit language

  3. Profiting From the Myths About Black Women's Bodies |
  4. To Understand the Cost of the War on Women, Look to Mississippi – Mother Jones

    abortion, women's health, healthcare, GOP, poverty, women of color, reproductive rights

Indigenous and Native Issues

  1. American Thanksgiving: A Pure Glorification of Racist Barbarity | Global Research - Cen...

    settler, colonialism, history, indigenous native americans, slavery, institutional racism

  2. Stand Up / Stand N Rock #NoDAPL (Official Video) - YouTube

    standing rock, #NODAPL, indigenous american rights, conservation, protest, water protectors

  3. | Our home on native land

    map, visual aid, colonialism, history

  4. Journey of Healing: INTERESTING LINKS

    syllabus, compendium, colonialism, native american indian

  5. How to Talk About #NoDAPL: A Native Perspective

    #NODAPL, water protector, native american indian, environment, standing rock

  6. An Indigenous View on #BlackLivesMatter by Leanne Simpson — YES! Magazine

    #nativelivesmatter, #blacklivesmatter, settler colonialism, history, systemic racism, indigenous

Black Experience, Families, Parenting

  1. 180 Days | PBS
  2. The dangerous myth of the 'missing black father'

    Black dads, parenting, systemic racism, stereotyping, statistics

  3. The Millennium Negro: The “New Black” | The Uppity Negro

    video, post-racial, respectability politics, colorblindness

  4. The Curious Case of the "New Black": A Conversation

    respectability politics, pathology, #whatkindofblackareyou, social media, colorblindness, tokenism

  5. Common, Pharrell, and ‘The New Black’: An Ignorant Mentality That Undermines the Black ...

    respectability politics, tokenism, white fragility, centering, colorblindness, video

  6. On Being a Black Man at Yale: No, I'm Not on the Football Team | HuffPost

    stereotypes, myths, fallacy, derailing, black men, education, microaggression, sports

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