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    display snippets of HTML and/or CSS for testing

  2. html-to-markdown

    convert HTML to Markdown

  3. markdown-to-html

    convert Markdown to HTML (made by the guy who invented Markdown)

  4. json formatter and validator

    a tool to validate JSON and format it neatly


    mvc framework for web apps

  6. typeahead.js

    a javascript library that fetches data and shows results when a user types something in an input box


  1. fixing bootstrap dropdown

    add jquery.min.js, bootstrap.min.js and css for bootstrap dropdown navbar to work on small devices

  2. holy grail (web design)

    equal-height columns and footer at bottom of the browser without a blank space under it

  3. caniuse

    see which CSS you can use with what browser and browser versions


    data-driven javascript library that creates nice data visualizations

  5. pushy

    responsive off-canvas sidebar menu for bootstrap-themed websites

  6. using media queries

    how to use css media queries


  1. using bootstrap .media classes

    vertically align images in a container with bootstrap's .media-middle class

  2. looking at truthy and falsy values

    showing that 0, "0", "", null, undefined, NaN are either true or false by convention

  3. looking at jQuery: html() + append() + prepend()

    a look at jquery's html injection functions

  4. accessing instagram API

    accessing data from instagram using their API and then jQuery and AJAX to take it to HTML

  5. containr (skeleton journal app)

    containers and contents

  6. looking at for loops

    iterating through for loops


  1. git flow diagram

    outlining version control concepts, e.g. push/pull, checkout/commit, local/remote, etc.

  2. command line tutorial

    how to use terminal commands and git version control


    understanding how domain names and ip addresses work - in webcomic format

  4. free domain names

    not .com but you'll get as many .cf, .ga, .gq, .ml, .tk domains as you want

  5. how to learn web development

    adrian's blog post on how to learn web development

  6. domain names and digitalocean

    how to setup a domain name with a digital ocean droplet project


  1. truechimp

    crowd-sourced buying: buy individual quantities of electronic merchandise at wholesale prices

  2. historical toronto maps

    historical maps of Toronto (possibly handy for overlay and data visualization projects)

  3. timeline JS

    draw a timeline with a google drive spreadsheet


    show/get random free high-quality images for graphical inspiration

  5. ifttt (if this then that)

    automate your social media and more

  6. openbazaar

    free trade without restrictions

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