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Ongoing Courses & Articles


Don't over 3 courses at the same time

  1. Build React Components from Streams with RxJS and Recompose from @johnlindquist on @egg...
  2. Build a Blog with React and Markdown using Gatsby from @taylorbell on @eggheadio
  3. Programming design system by Rune Madsen

    A graduate course at NYU!!

  4. Programming from A to Z

    About text analysis & data art!

  5. React Training
  6. Learn and Understand NodeJS | Udemy

Courses in Queue

  1. HTML5 Canvas
  2. Learn CSS Grid for free
  3. Building React Applications with Idiomatic Redux from @dan_abramov on @eggheadio
  4. SVG Animations - O'Reilly Media

    Check iBook

  5. Creating Web Animations - O'Reilly Media

    Check iBook

  6. Magic of CSS — Adam Schwartz

Finished Courses

  1. Introduction to Reactive Programming from @andrestaltz on @eggheadio
  2. Reactive Animations with RxJS and CSS Variables by David Khourshid

    Amazing examples for combining RxJS & CSS variables!!

  3. FLIPping out about Animated Layouts by David Khourshid

    Nice web animation principles!

  4. Advanced React Component Patterns from @kentcdodds on @eggheadio

    Finished 20171230, need review later.

  5. React 🎄

    Quick beginner course by Michael Chan

  6. Learn CSS Grid - A Guide to Learning CSS Grid Layout | Jonathan Suh

Low-Priority Couses


Some courses I'm interested in and I would like to learn in my life if I have time.

  1. Game Programming Patterns
  2. The modern web design process | A free ebook from Webflow
  3. zeeshanu/learn-regex: Learn regex the easy way
  4. open-source-society/computer-science: Path to a free self-taught education in Computer ...
  5. Understand the Basics of HTTP - Course by @petejohanson @eggheadio
  6. Modern Web and App Programming

Finished Articles

  1. Creating Usability with Motion: The UX in Motion Manifesto
  2. Gain Motion Superpowers with requestAnimationFrame – Benjamin De Cock – Medium

    Best intro to SVG animation by BDC

  3. setState ftw // Speaker Deck

    Nice concept about `setState` in React

  4. All About React Router 4 | CSS-Tricks

    Provides nice patterns.

  5. A Simple React Router v4 Tutorial – Paul Sherman – Medium

    Talks about essential components

  6. Surge VS GitHub Pages: How to deploy a create-react-app project
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