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  1. Introducing design systems - DesignBetter.Co
  2. Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Create a brand new style of vector portrait - Digital Arts
  3. A Step-by-step Guide to Designing Custom Illustrations Without Any Drawing Skills
  4. Discover the world's best design practices—DesignBetter.Co

    A work by Invision

  5. Animating in Principle: A Crash Course

    Free video course about prototyping in Principle

  6. Motion Design by Jorge R. Canedo

    Use After Effect to create motion graphic. not a free course but the designer is awesome

Finished Articles of Design


Newest first.

  1. A framework for creating a predictable & harmonious spacing system for faster design-de...
  2. Apple’s Icons Have That Shape for a Very Good Reason
  3. How Designers Should Think About SVG – Design + Sketch – Medium

    SVGs are living things. Bitmaps are photos of things.

  4. Material Design and the Mystery Meat Navigation Problem

    TL;DR: ambiguous icons & design principles.

  5. Preparing and Exporting SVG Icons in Sketch – Design + Sketch – Medium
  6. The 7-Minute Guide to Flat Design 2.0

    "Flat design is so connected to design theory that it will continue to grow and evolve."

Sketchapp Skills


Build Design System

  1. Atlassian Design
  2. Lightning Design System
  3. Welcome | Photon Design System
  4. Website Style Guide Resources
  5. Building a Visual Language : Airbnb Design
  6. How to construct a design system

Nested Symbols Technique

  1. Sketch symbols best practices (now that nested overrides are a thing) – Medium

    Really useful cheatsheet for Resizing behaviors.

  2. A Better Way to Make Buttons in Sketch – UX Power Tools – Medium

    setting up buttons by nested symbol.

  3. This is, without a doubt, the coolest Sketch technique you’ll see all day. – UX Power T...

    use nested symbol to create complicated UI components.

Design Resources



  1. CSS Gradient
  2. CSS GEARS - Gradients Cards
  3. Color Hex -
  4. HTML Color Codes
  5. Open Color
  6. Made You Look | Poster Collection 2017 on Behance

    Amazing colors combination by StudioJQ


  1. Feather – Simply beautiful open source icons
  2. Simple Icons

    SVG icons for popular brands, already in IconJar

  3. Iconbros
  4. Orion Icon Library
  5. DEVICON | All programming languages and development tools related icons font
  6. Free icons by first-class designers - IconStore


  1. Novapattern – curates well-designed patterns


  1. Photorealism Explained - YouTube

    Modeling, Material, Lighting & Post Processing

Studios & Portfolios


For personal website references.

  1. Creative Portfolios - Made by the greatest designers & developers.
  2. Best Web Agencies Websites

    Good reference for portfolio design!

  3. Brutalist Websites
  4. Super Crowds inc.
  5. Portfolio of Edwin de Jongh

    Cool portfolio

  6. Tobias Ahlin

Awesome Websites


With incredible web technologies.

  1. Brick Block - by Oskar Stålberg
  2. A Single Div

Interface Design References


Including web design, app design, user experience, etc.

  1. Nicely done — Products & pattern designs inspiration.
  2. Good Web Design
  3. | Brand-focused collection of UI design examples

    IRL examples base on pages, such as login, about, 404, etc.

  4. Hyperpixel | Best landing pages for inspiration
  5. CSS & JS Animations - Awwwards
  6. A Round-up of The Best Loading Animations.

UX best practices in UI


Best practices for UI components, such as data table, login/register, modal, etc.

  1. Really Good UX
  2. How to Write a Perfect Error Message – UX Planet
  3. Dropdown alternatives for better (mobile) forms – Zoltan Kollin – Medium
  4. Design better data tables –
  5. Why ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Sign In’ Button Labels Confuse Users - UX Movement
  6. Why the Confirm Password Field Must Die - UX Movement

Design Trend

  1. Brutalism: BrutAl wEbsIteS for mOdern dAy webMAsTeRS.
  2. 2017 Design Trends Guide on Behance
  3. Top Pens of 2016 on CodePen
  4. The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the internet
  5. The best new portfolio sites, January 2017 | Webdesigner Depot
  6. Jardson Almeida ⚡️ - Dribbble

    A product designer who provides the source files (Sketch & Principle) of his design for everyone!

Graphic Design Reference

  1. Julian Montague(@montagueprojects)• Instagram 相片與影片

    Curated mid-century book covers. Good reference for graphic design.

  2. 基礎デザイン学科 science of design

Branding & Packaging

  1. Brand New
  2. Dropbox Design
  3. Our bold new brand - Atlassian Blog

    Good case study for product family!

  4. Al'z Ács 'business card on Behance

    Special material: gradient Foil

  5. 表參道Hills|表參道Hills簡介|概念|Logo Design


  1. Maggie Appleton - Dribbble

    Illustrator of

  2. MBE - Dribbble
  3. Simon Oxley - Dribbble

    Twitter bird & Github Octocat

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