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Job Boards

  1. ConvertKit
  2. Netflix | Gretel

    the way they show an interactive styleguide is dope. that scroll-ish & insert into product style

  3. Job Board | Revision Path
  4. Apply For PayPal Lead Product Designer job - Design & User Experience - San Jose, Californi
  5. Apply For PayPal Sr. Designer job - Design & User Experience - San Jose, California
  6. Apply For PayPal User Experience Researcher job - Design & User Experience - San Jose, Cali

Inspiration: Portfolios

  1. The Side Project Accelerator | Build your personal brand
  2. Design Kit
  3. Digital Studio | eCommerce & Branding | Adaptable
  4. Studio DBD - Design Studio Manchester
  5. Re:collection | Home
  6. Clément Brichon – Designer › Cards against humanity

Inspiration: Case Studies

  1. Virtual Production Lab | AUT
  2. Building a Visual Language : Airbnb Design

    great case study to use for your clientela outline

  3. UX research and design at Thought Into Design
  4. Nixon Global eCommerce Platform on Behance
  5. Pattern Lab | Build Atomic Design Systems
  6. 1RIC – Developer & Digital Artist › Noema
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