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Texture tutorials

  1. Create Fur Ball

    short but good

  2. How to Make Realistic Fur
  3. Fur by Guru

    older version

  4. The Basics of Good Texturing in Blender - YouTube
  5. Beginner Textures and Materials Tutorial

    7:00 unwrapping

  6. The Secrets of Realistic Texturing in Blender - YouTube

Money Ideas

  1. Cloud Yachts Closes $12 Million Sale Via OpenSea Listed NFT

    can we build a yacht that is transported cross-chain. my yacht can park anywhere

Everyday Reads

  1. No#1 For NFT News, Metaverse News, CryptoArt News | NFT Plazas

Fashion for wearables

  1. David Bromstad clothes - Google Search
  2. 2022 Oscars Best Costume Design Predictions - Variety


  1. CryptoAvatars
  2. Cool Cats: The Coolest NFT's on the Blockchain!
  3. CryptoPunks
  4. BAYC


  1. The ultimate Open Metaverse online conference!

AR - current tech

  1. PhotonLens - AR Glass Dedicated to Fitness and Entertainment

    AR Glass Dedicated to Fitness and Entertainment - uses XR2 Snapdragon Platform

  2. Best AR Fitness Apps and Games of 2020 on iOS and Android
  3. Athletes Must Check Out These AR Sports Training Glasses
  4. Hit The Road Or Trail With Solos Smart Glasses
  5. (1) Solos Apps - Fitness – SOLOS

Unity Development

  1. Unity MARS - The newest tool for AR developers | Augmented reality development with les...

    MARS brings environment and sensor data into the creative workflow

  2. AR | interact w/ real-world
  3. Unity Gaming
  4. Unity Courses & tutorials
  5. Experience Unity by Unity Learn

    use cases - by example

  6. Unity’s AR Foundation Framework | Cross platform augmented reality development software...

Games - Active

  1. Dashboard | Sipher Dashboard
  2. Sipher | Inv: NEKO

Games - Interesting

  1. Katana Inu NFT
  2. Decentral Games | Play and Earn

    How do they make money? only NFT which are required

Wearable Physics

  1. Clothing With Physics

    good tutorial

  2. Blender Tutorial - Cloth Simulation | Advance Simulation | Blender 2.9 - YouTube

XR2 Snapdragon

  1. Qualcomm

    Funding Program

  2. Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform | Qualcomm

    create immersive experiences for AR Glasses that adapt to the spaces around us

  3. Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform

    Snapdragon Spaces platform lets you create applications around the Snapdragon® platform, Unity...

Dev Tools

  1. WebRTC

    P2P communication - used by decentraland

  2. Alchemy - Blockchain API and Node Service | Ethereum, Polygon, Flow, + More
  3. 3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Animation and Simulation Software |…
  4. Momentum - Odyssey

    Interoperability between worlds, stack for collaborate (Diffusion conf)

  5. Decentraland for starters - Polygonal Mind
  6. GitHub - decentraland/explorer: 🌎 Explore Decentraland from a web browser

Good Concepts

  1. Altered State Machine – Non Fungible Intelligence

    AI football game


  1. How Augmented Reality will transform the fitness industry | TechCrunch

    With AR, it’s possible to livestream and workout with others digitally

  2. What the Metaverse Means for Developers – The New Stack
  3. Tools to Build AR Mobile App

World / Wearable Developers

  1. Decentraland Builder

    they design & build wearables and land projects

  2. Mustafa Korkut (@mmk0734) • Instagram photos and videos

    saw on DCL discord, not sure how it sells, but nice work


  1. Otherside — Coming 4/30

    Yuga Labs

  2. Market Tracker | NFT sales and trends |

    Most recent sales

  3. LandWorks

    land rental

  4. DCL renting | Decentraland renting service

    land rental DCL

  5. LandWorks

    renting land

  6. Home | Republic Realm

How to (not used)

  1. Unity 5 - Move Objects
  2. Movement Unity Basic AI Tutorial - Waypoints
  3. Move Gameobject With Accelerometer
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