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DID protocols

  1. sidetree/protocol.md at master · decentralized-identity/sidetree · GitHub

    Microsoft - ConsenSys

Identity Networks

  1. Home - Indicio Tech

    Alex C - advisor

  2. GitHub - decentralized-identity/ion: DID Method implementation using the Sidetree proto...

    based on Sidetree protocol

Zero Knowledge Proof

  1. Welcome Hyperledger Ursa! – Hyperledger

Purchase Authority

  1. Site Search

Use Cases

  1. DID Focal Use Cases - Google Docs
  2. Where you can (or will!) use your decentralized identity

Working Groups

  1. Sovrin Chat
  2. Hyperledger Chat
  3. Identity Working Group - Identity Working Group - Hyperledger Confluence
  4. Join a Working Group or SIG – Hyperledger

Affiliate - Marketing

  1. Travel Affiliate Programs | Top Rated Travel Affiliate Programs

    ** Affiliate Program comp ** could also be used to get traffic to GE CTM site

  2. CJ Affiliate Home

    partner w/ Priceline

  3. Dashboard | CJ Affiliate by Conversant

    pass: noodles21

Travel Booking

  1. Agent Booking Tools - Expedia Partner Solutions
  2. Travel & Hotel API Integration - Expedia Partner Solutions
  3. Travel News, Research & Insights - Expedia Partner Solutions

Major Booking Tools


These are the Majors that other resell

  1. Corporations
  2. SAP Concur - Partners
  3. SAP Concur
  4. GetThere
  5. Deem


  1. Best Travel Agency Software | 2019 Reviews of the Most Popular Systems
  2. Best Travel Management Software | 2019 Reviews of the Most Popular Systems

    Good list for Corp Booking Tools

  3. Adelman Travel

    reseller of Concur - large

  4. Flight Centre Travel Group
  5. AmTrav | Corporate Business Travel Management

    CEO owns CheapAir ~ own software

  6. Product - 30SecondsToFly Inc.

    AI for TMC ~ could be a good partner?

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    Cheapfaremart · almost 4 years ago

    https://www.cheapfaremart.com/ Suggested

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