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SharePoint Tutorials


Non-video tutorials of how to do things in SharePoint.

  1. SharePoint Tabbed Web Parts–HillbillyTabs 3.0
  2. SharePoint 2013 Workflow - Advanced Topics
  3. SharePoint 2013: Building Custom Forms - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - T...
  4. Charts | Building Charts in SharePoint 2013 using JavaScript and REST
  5. Charts | Transform Your SharePoint List Data into an Eye-Catching Chart
  6. Connect a Query String (URL) Filter Web Part to another Web Part

SharePoint YouTube Tutorials


Free video tutorials for SharePoint found on YouTube.

  1. Rackspace: HR Onboarding SharePoint Site (7 Videos)

    Laura Rogers demonstrates a New Hire Onboarding business solution created in SharePoint.

  2. Rackspace: Microsoft Project Integration

    Jennifer Mason will demonstrate and discuss SharePoint 2013 integration with Microsoft Project 2013.

  3. Rackspace: Query String Filter & Custom Actions in SPD!

    Laura Rogers talks about query string filtering & custom actions in SharePoint Designer!

  4. Rackspace: Quick Steps

    Joelle Farley teaches you how to use Quick Steps, which are also referred to as Custom Actions in Sh

  5. Rackspace: The Future of Forms!

    Joelle Farley will lead a discussion around the future of forms, with information right from SPC14.

  6. Rackspace: Understanding Managed Metadata in SharePoint 2013 (Tutorial)

    Joelle Farley reviews understanding metadata, managing metadata, and using managed metadata.

SharePoint JSlink


Tutorials for SP 2013 JSLink client side rendering javascript.

  1. Change Doc Library Columns width
  2. JSLink Examples in SharePoint 2013
  3. Integrating SASS Compass into SharePoint through Visual Studio
  4. CSWP Announcements Display Template – SharePoint and Nintex OOTB
  5. Hiding Sharepoint 2013 Form Fields PermissionsMetroStar Blog
  6. SharePoint 2013 Client Side Rendering: List Views - CodeProject

Sharepoint Calculated Formulas

  1. Due in next 90 days filter in a data view

    Shows how to use a calculated field to show tasks coming do in a certain number of days.

  2. Use SharePoint filters to Show list items due in Current Calendar Month | Pentalogic Te...
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