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IRC Clients


What IRC clients do you guys recommend?

  1. WeeChat, the extensible chat client
  2. Textual

    OSX, Free Trial

  3. mIRC

    Windows, free trial

  4. Irssi

    Cross Platform, robust terminal based IRC client

  5. Hexchat

    Windows, open source continuation of the abandoned XChat.

  6. AdiIRC

    Free. Supports mIRC scripts. Stable Windows release, experimental Mac and Linux builds available.

Stock Resources


Where can I get some (preferably free) photos for my website?

  1. MyStock
  2. Gratisography
  3. Free stock photos · Pexels
  4. Free photos for creative use - Death to the Stock Photo
  5. Unsplash
  6. Coverr

Web Development


Know any places to learn or read about web development?

  1. Code Academy

    Learn Web development skills and new languages such as jQuery, Python, HTML, CSS, PHP and more

  2. CSS Tricks
  3. Kippt Web Design Resources
  4. SitePoint
  5. Mozilla Developer Network
  6. FreeCodeCamp

    Learn to Code JavaScript and get a Coding Job by Helping Nonprofits. Utilizes CodeAcademy lessons.

Pen Tool


I hate the pen tool!

  1. bezier.method.ac

    Hands on interactive guide for learning the pen tool

  2. Horizontal & Vertical Bezier Handles
  3. Introduction to the Pen Tool in Illustrator
  4. Illustrator’s Pen Tool: The Comprehensive Guide
  5. Photoshop Pen Tool Guide

Portfolio Hosts


How can I quickly get my work online?

  1. Moonfruit
  2. dribbbox.com
  3. BaseKit | Website builder for small businesses
  4. Squarespace, Inc.
  5. format.com
  6. Triangly - platform where creatives meet clients

Starting in Design


I really want to be a Graphic Designer, where do I get started?

  1. markboulton.co.uk Easy Grids
  2. How to become a designer without going to design school
  3. Practical Typography
  4. u/BuckyStudio's list of bookmarks
  5. THE GAP by Ira Glass

User Portfolios


Personal portfolios of users of ##reddit-gd

  1. dpd
  2. Dekthro

    Graphic Design, Vehicle Wrap Design

  3. tmorrison
  4. EDSGD
  5. Kocho

Where to Buy Fonts


Guys where can I get some new fonts?

  1. myfonts.com
  2. losttype.com (Donation)
  3. Font Squirrel

    Completely free to use fonts with no licensing requirements.

Nifty Dev Tools

  1. Jsbin.com

    Javascript sandbox with console

  2. RegExr: Learn, Build, & Test RegEx

    Realtime RegEx building and learning

Font Identification


Can somebody plz tell me what font this is?

  1. WhatTheFont

    Font identification service provided by MyFonts

  2. WhatFontIs

    Free service that requires an account to use.

  3. Type Wolf

    Font recommendations

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