Data Analysis

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Courses on Data Science


And tutorials (Not programing)

  1. R for Business Analytics - A Ohri - Google Books
  2. NLTK Book
  3. Statistics 133 Schedule
  4. The Stanford NLP (Natural Language Processing) Group
  5. 5 Sample Workflows - Sci2 Manual - CNSWiki
  6. digital interface: Community detection in graphs

Membership Digital Humanities

  1. Curriculum Vitae en español | Esteban Romero
  2. Open Humanities Press
  3. Center for Digital Humanities - UCLA
  4. International Institute for Digital Humanities
  5. DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly: 2015
  6. Digital Humanities | Stanford Humanities

Case Studies

  1. Matthew L. Jockers
  2. Data: Querying, Analyzing and Downloading: The GDELT Project
  3. Data Mining Map
  4. Regression analysis basics
  5. Epagogix | Studios & Investors
  6. rOpenSci - Packages
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