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UI Kits


Free User Interface Kits

  1. Monica Web UI Kit Freebie

    Website, Mobile, Shop, Blog, Colors, UI Kit

  2. Freebie | PerfectKit - modern UI kit (desktop & mobile ready) | DesignHooks

    Colors, Minimal, Desktop, Mobile, UI Kit, Sleek

  3. Hohenzollern UI Kit - Free .psd Download on Behance

    Colors, Fonts, Grid, Icons, News, UI Kit, History

  4. Stark UI kit

    Colors, UI Kit, News, Components, Arabic, Icons, Font

  5. Fuzz News | Meet LIQUID! A Free Web GUI Kit

    Basic Layout, Material Design, Column Grid, GUI Kit

  6. Dyk- Blog UI Kit (FREE DOWNLOAD) on Behance

    Photoshop Files, Blog UI Kit, Web

Various Design

  1. Professional Graphics Creation on Linux |
  2. Design3Edge

    CSS/HTML, Photoshop, Wordpress, Web Elements, Web & Graphic Design, UI Kits

  3. Creative Market | Free Goods Of The Week

    Weekly, Photos, Graphics, Templates, Themes, Fonts, Add-Ons, 3D

  4. Visual Hierarchy

    UI Kits, Fonts, Icons, Mockups, Templates

  5. ui8

    UI Kits, Wireframe Kits, Themes, Icons, Fonts, Mockups, Apps

  6. PixelBuddha

    Animation, Effects, Fonts, HTML, Icons, Mockups, Photo, Sketch, Templates, UI Kits, Vectors


  1. Minticons - UIMINT

Free Professional Use Photos

  1. Unsplash | Free High-Resolution Photos


  1. 5 Resume Bundle - UIMINT

Design Blogs

  1. Behance Student Showcase
  2. 5 Awesome Graphic Design Blogs
  3. Design Crush Blog

    Art, Design & Inspiration, Style, Living, Home

  4. 1stWebDesigner

    Web Design Community, UI/UX Trends, App, WordPress Themes

  5. Visual Hierarchy

    Web Design, UI Design, UX, Typography

  6. Design Hooks

    Branding, Browsers, CMS, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Typography, UI/UX, Web Design, Icons, PhotoStock

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