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Graphic design books


list for books

  1. The Designer's Review of Books

    A very good site for book reviews

  2. 10 of the best graphic design books to read in 2017
  3. Design Resources

    Books and recommendations, it has links for a big list and a choice system.

free vectors and stuff

  1. High Quality, Easy to Use, Free Support

    it has very good quality frames and i guess there's more to it than that so ... go go go

Design_Jobs and roles

  1. الوظائف الإدارية لمصممي الجرافيك
  2. The ultimate guide to creative agency roles

HD_Images & wallpapers

  1. Desktop Wallpapers, Free Desktop Backgrounds, Widescreen Wallpapers

    great, easy to use and beautiful site and it has original sizes like 6000*4000 with a lot of images

  2. Awesome Wallpapers on WallpapersOnThe.Net

    Good site for HD images with variety of resolutions


  1. PIXNIO - Public Domain Images

    It has some high quality images so check it

  2. Photype

    has free and stock images but it's very good for search in about 6 sites with a good unique layout.

  3. The Badass List of Free Stock Photos Websites for Designers


  4. Free Stock Photos · Search 40+ sites with LibreStock

    Search engine that searches through 47 site

  5. IM Free - Free Website Templates, Free Images & More

    it's a collection based site that will make searching and finding images easier.

  6. 21 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos - BootstrapBay

    21 site for test

Arabic Fonts

  1. Flat Font - خط فلات | Jozoor Fonts

    فونت كويس ويوما ما هنشتريه او نجيب امه

  2. RTL Type | محترف الخطوط العربية

    Premium Arabic Fonts - for purchasing

  3. ‫تحميل خطوط عربية Arabic Fonts

    موقع كويس جدا لتحميل الخطوط مجانا

  4. موقع لمعرفة الخط العربي المستعمل في اي الصورة | Hcouch Design , اشكوش ديزاين

Graphic Design guides


Any guides for learning how to be a designer

  1. How to Become a Designer Without Going to Design School | The Everygirl

    This man as quite good list and he's approaching design similar to what i think the right path

  2. Graphic Design Education Book List - Dave Seah

    Unique list from a former computer engineer like us

  3. Want to know how to design? Learn The Basics. | JUST™ Creative
  4. Online Graphic Design Courses - The Creative Edge
  5. RISD Graphic Design Curriculum
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