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Here best sites for laptop reviews

  1. Reviews - Reviews

    ** Comparisons and good reviews + Bechmarks

  2. The Best Budget Gaming Laptop (So Far) | The Wirecutter

    ** WireCutter = Very comprehensive reviews

  3. Best Laptop 2016 - Top-Rated Laptops by Brand - Laptop Mag

    ** That site looks promising

  4. reviews Archives - Liliputing

    Site to search for reviews, Not the best

  5. Notebook/Laptop Reviews
  6. Laptops: Best Prices on Top Laptop Brands on PriceGrabber

    That site help you get the best price and where it's sold.



Guides to buy anything

  1. Notebook Hardware Guide - Which Notebook Should You Buy?

    Notebook for every usage, Entry - to - workstation

  2. Buying a laptop: everything you need to know | The Verge

    Nice overview, Why do you need the laptop?



Review for other stuff that doesn't belong to a certain genre like wacom tablets ... etc

  1. How to choose the best Wacom tablet for your needs

    a very good review for Wacom tablets and models



Everything regards to processor.

  1. ARK | Your Source for Intel® Product Specifications

    *** Intel Site to compare processors

  2. Cpu naming scheme from intel



knowledge, and hacking methods about any technological aspect.

  1. How to Search on Google: 31 Advanced Google Search Tips

    Good search queries for google

  2. Search operators - Search Help

    Google search operator and other links - Very useful

  3. Specification sheet: HW-R-HG532 Huawei HG532 Wi-Fi ADSL Router

    our router specs

  4. Know Your Network: The Complete Guide

    Good course of 5 lessons on how to understand and setup your router

  5. Port Forwarding the Huawei HG532e Router for Utorrent
  6. Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi

    Great article with so much info, actually it's a list for 10 articles with solutions.



Monitoring internet speeds and activities, ISP throttling?

  1. Glasnost: Test if your ISP is shaping your traffic

    Check if ISP is throttling torrent or flash videos ... etc - Requires java

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